Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Much Needed Update!

Wow the past 3 months have been so busy! In the middle of October I got to fly home for market. It was so fun to see the kids and they were so cute getting all ready for Halloween.


Ryan is so funny with the kids!

Ok so for Thanksgiving we got to spend it with my family. It was awesome to go home and be able to just hang out. We made the whole 22 hour drive straight through. We went with Lindsey and Whitney Beck, even with 4 drivers it was a very long drive, but the best part is... we brought Puckett with us. We took her to a family friend to get fixed and de-clawed. She was a champ on the drive. Puckett was defiantly the hit of the week though, the kids loved her and Kim was able to rekindle her love for cats. A week later Ryan (who doesn't love cats) decided that his whole family did, so he got them a kitten for part of Christmas (Check out her blog, it is so cute) We had so much fun and it was so great for my family to get to know Matt better.

This picture is out of order, but Matt grew a beard right b4 we left for Texas.
They were looking for frogs.

Puckett was trying to recover from her surgery but had lots of visitors.
I love this picture. We kept telling them how gentle they had to be. Well Maddison totally knew what that meant and look at her with her hand on James's back reminding him.

Yes there are 3 sets of feet in there.

James was trying to put a game piece up Matt's nose and thought it was very funny.
Matt gave me the best birthday ever! New shoes, massage, facial, and a great dinner at the Melting pot. He is the best husband ever.

Since I can remember our family has had mystery trips. While we were all home my mom planned one to the Toy Train exhibited in Dallas, it was so much fun. The kids loved it and it was really cool.
The Conductors.
Dallas ski line in the exhibit.

James is so handsome! He is the cutest little boy. He just runs around talking to himself and laughing, its great.
We did a little shopping and my dad had Maddison on his shoulders, I couldn't resist. She is so funny and always has this little problem. If she hears you mention "butt crack" she turns and gives you this attitude face and pulls up her pants. It is so adorable she has the best personality.

Christine is married! The wedding was awesome, we had lots of family and friends come, it was great to see everyone. This was all the girls the night b4 when we went to dessert.

Chris is so beautiful!

Jonathan getting adopted into the family.

They are the cutes couple ever! We really like Johnny and are so excited for the new addition.