Sunday, April 29, 2012

Family Pictures!!

We had family pics done and we love the way they turned out! It took me a while to figure out what to wear and stuff but after many outfits, we got it all figured out. Matt just laughed. Jenny did a great job! Thanks again!  

We love them, I love my boys! They are ALL so handsome!

This is our fav!


Quade had his 12 month check up a little late... So it was more like a 15 month check up. Is he already that big? I cant believe this kid! The doctor came in and goes, "Wow, he does not look like a 15 month old." Our first thought was, maybe we can sneak him into nursery then :) Quades stats: 34 inches and 23 pounds. He is one tall boy! His words: Ma ma, Da da, More, De (Dexter), Ball, Shoe, Nigh nigh, and the first syllable to alot more. He is such a busy body, it is exhausting just to watch him! He is alot more emotional then Dexter. He forsure cares when he doesnt get his way or falls or something get taken away. Dex, for the most part, doesnt. So they are a good team. And if Dexter takes something away from him, Quade get all feisty and runs after him, pretty funny. 
We love him and his sweet spirit, cant believe he is ours!

Dexters up date coming soon.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh My Gosh!

This kid.... Oh My Gosh! 
Yesterday morning, Dexter was in our room hanging out with us and we were all waiting til Quade woke up. Well Dexter loves to go in and see Quade when we hear him in the morning... You know something is wrong, when Dexter takes one step into Quade's room and turns around and walks out saying, "EEEEEEW" Then Matt went in to see a NAKED Quade and poop everywhere!
 Let me just tell you that I always remind Matt to put the boys shorts or pants back on after he changes them bc it is just too tempting for them to mess with their diapers if you dont. Well Quade had woke up in the middle of the night bc he had peed through his diaper, Matt changed him and didnt get new pants bc he was too tired. So after Matt saw our child covered in poop, he came to get me and said "Yeah I know, this is the biggest, I told you so, moment ever!" So I didnt have to say it :) 
I ran into the bathroom to clear the tub and Matt brought Quade in. I wish I had taken a picture, but in that moment, after gagging, it must have slipped my mind. Here is Quade with this little smile on his face, his white hair brown, poop on his face, up his nose, in his ears and all over his body. Barf! This was by far, the nastiest parent moment I have experienced! With Dexter's door poop as a close second. While I was washing Quade matt went in to tackle the room situation. Dont worry, Betty and his lion were thrown out before the poop, so they escaped unscathed. But he just took off his diaper, threw it out and then pooped, played with it and then decided to let us know he was up. Did I mention that his crib is all spindles? There was so much poop that Matt had to go outside and hose off the sheets in the garden. And that is when Grandma and Grandpa got home from their work out and ware wondering why Matt was hosing off sheets in the back yard. Yuck! They thought it was pretty funny. So matt got all the stuff in the wash, in the meantime, I get Quade all rinsed, pull him out of the tub so I could sterilize it, while I was doing that, Quade peed all over the floor and then slipped in it. This whole situation was traumatic for everyone involved! Dex just stood by the wayside, he knew he didnt want to be involved. 
Good thing we love him.  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blue Bonnets

Could not resist getting pictures of these blue eyed boys in the Texas blue bonnets! I just love these boys!

We actually captured this kids funny expressions!

Dexter was not very into taking pictures... but we did get a few good ones! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Good thing Aunt Kim is in our lives or this would have never happened! I knew once I saw James run over there, that Dexter and Quade would not be far behind. Kim assured me that "It was ok, let them get dirty. They will love it. No big deal." Uh all I was thinking is "What a mess."and that I didnt want it to stain their cloths. So I stripped them down and they went running. Loved it is the understatement, they were in heaven! Dex still talks about it! I was having a dirt induced anxiety attack but the boys were having a blast! I am not sure I have ever seen them have so much fun. They ran, splashed, squished, true mud fun! Thank you Kim for helping me loosen up a little! 

And then it got a little chilly and quade turned blue, despite the fact that he is freezing, he still screamed when it was time to go! 

Friday, April 6, 2012

What we have been up to...

We like to party! I love just being able to hang out with Matt and the kids all day every day. Talk about Par-tay! So this is what we have been up to the past few weeks. 
Had a few emergent moments like this... what a trooper. 
Quade likes to steal Betty. Dexter walks around with his hand covering his mouth and betty in protection from Quade 

Dexter loves to play with this hamper over his head, he cracks us up.

Brotherly Love.

This kid turned one and turned in to a monster, he is such a busy bee!
Oh that smile melts my heart!

Gone for a bunch of runs, Matt is way ahead of me but hello he doesnt have the stroller,

We decided Dexter needs to have his hair cut by a real stylist. No more great clips for this kid. Plus when we do it this way he get free bang trims, which he needs alot of :) 

Some friends and I went to the tail end of the rodeo and then saw the Band Perry. It was so fun and who doesnt love a little country. Matt, that is who :) 

Some of our good friends have a lake house at Lake Travis. We went out there for a BBQ and it was so much fun. The kids got to roam and play in the dirt. Plus it was beautiful out there!

We have been park-in it up! There is this great new park out here and it is so fun! We could spend everyday at this place. Sand, slides, swings galore.

Dex was so tired at the end of out park adventure, it was so sweet, i love it when he snuggles in like that.

I Heart date night! 

Yumm Thai food out of a food trailer, actually it was really really good!  

Tawny and I went to go visit Bec and the new babe.
The newest addition to the Foust family, Bec had her baby and he sure it delicious.

Aunt kim and James did a little art work on Dexter's tummy, he loved it and thought it was so funny.

Frogs are so much fun! 

First drive! Ya know like 20 feet, Dex loved it! 

Oh I cherish these calm moments with this guy.

Love visiting baby Zo. Zoey, that is.  The boys love her but Dexter was so cute with her!  

Got to love those car rides back to Dallas. 

And swimming was a huge hit! Dexter has always been in love but quade took a time or 2 to convince.  This summer is going to be a blast! 

Supporting our Angels! 

Lots of teething. Poor guy.


He is one darling handful, that is forsure!  

Lol we have a licker. If it wasnt so funny, we would stop him.

Zurples! I love his laugh and that smile... melt.

Sisters night!
Of course, throwing rocks.

Love love love him... and his drool.

I LOVE all my boys!