Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So at about 9:30 pm on Saturday May 28 we made a impulsive decision to go to Vegas and meet up with some besties from Utah. Can you believe that we moved alomost a year ago? Which means that it has almost been a year since we have seen Kent and Liz.
A little history on these two: I met Liz when we were both working at Happy Sumo like 4 years ago. Matt knew Kent from some other friends. When I met Matt and told Liz about him, she totally knew him from her husband, and had met him one time when they were playing tennis and commented to Kent that "That guy is wearing some short shorts." Ha ha sounds like Matt. Anyways it is fun to have couple friends that were all friends before we knew each other. I feel like liz has watched me grow up, she has been my friend since b4 I met Matt, we got married, had babies, its crazy!
So this trip was long over due! Too bad Vegas is so nasty bc it has some really cool things to offer. We drove out Sunday afternoon and checked in at the Venetian at about 3. We met up with Kent and Liz and introduced them to Quade and showed off some of Dex's new tricks. Then went to dinner at the Grand Lux, yumm. And we set out to walk the strip to see the new hotels and the fountains and the volcano. It was so much fun, needless to say that the boys were totally tuckered out. So we put them down and then headed next door to hang out with Kent and Liz (Dont worry we had a monitor.) It was so fun to hang out with them. It got late and everyone went down to do a little gambling. I suck at blackjack so I stayed with the kiddies. So Liz and I hit up the pool kind of early the next morning, and everyone met up with us later. We hung out there all afternoon. Dex was in love with that pool and Quade went swimming for the first time. Then came the lions, which dex loved! After that we took off. It was a whirlwind of a trip but TOTALLY worth it!

Hanson's heart the Lyons!