Thursday, March 29, 2012

No Way.

Dexter has started say "No way." to everything. I think he figured out that if he says it, it's so dang cute, that we don't get as upset when he is saying "No" to us. Be says it joking and it is so funny but when he is saying for real, not so funny.

Dexter, let's brush your teeth.
No way

Dexter, are you ready for lunch?
No way.

Dex lets change your diaper.
No way.

Dexter let's get you cloths on.
No Way, I be naked.
(he is real into being naked these days!

And it goes on and on! Love that kid!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Way too tired,

    Wow, Quade is kind of giving us a run for our money these days. He is the busiest child I have ever experienced. I dont remember Dex being this busy but I could have also blocked it from my memory :)
    So he is teething, poor kid. When Dexter broke his molars it happened all at once so it was bad for a little bit but then we were done. Quade's are coming in one at a time. So sad. He is waking up alot at night and just having  hard time sleeping. And so are we.

    So this morning when the kids wake up 730ish. This is how the morning negotiation goes:
Me:"Babe can I just have another hour?"
Matt: "I was going to ask you the same question."
Matt: "Okayyyy, I will get them."

I know, best husband ever! Then he lets me sleep for like 2+ hours! We are in a great place with the boys in the same room and sleeping, usually. This last week has been rough for the Quadester. In my defense, I do night stuff. Unless they wake up way to much, then we take turns :)

 So this morning after the morning negotiation, he came in after 2+ hours and he actually wanted to go back to bed (Last night was especially bad, Quade was up playing at like 3 in the morning) I did not want to move! And I swear remember Matt saying "Ok I will babysit for 15 more min" So i rolled back over. Then I hear "Babe..." and I was wondering what happened to my 15 more min.... I should have know better because... For those of you who know, I hate it when dads say they are "babysitting" It drives me crazy. Hello, it is not babysitting if they are YOUR kids too! Needless to say, Matt does not use that word when it comes to him being in charge of the boys... So when I said "Hey what happened to you babysitting for 15 more min." I knew I was dreaming, it seemed so real! What we would do for 15 more min :)

Zoo day adventure!

This was by far, the best Zoo experience we have ever had! Dallas Zoo is awesome! Not only was Dex SO excited about going, all he could talk about was seeing the tigers, but it was not busy at all, so we were able to navigate through in record time! Plus we got SO dang close to all the animals, the Animals were all moving around, it was crazy. We actually got to see this huge crocodile swimming around, you never see those guys moving.   

You cant really tell but this is a momma chimp sunbathing right up against the glass with her baby. It was so cute! And while we were sitting there another mom and baby chimp came walking over to us and I thought Quade was going to freak out! He didnt quite understand that the glass would contain the animals. Actually he was pretty terrified the whole time we were there, he needed to be in arms, I guess the animals were a little too big for him. 

And then we have Dexter who is FEARLESS! The minute that he saw the giraffes and that he could touch them, he went running right up to them. I cant believe that they were just right there and you could pet them if you want. We did pay the $5 to get lettuce to feed them and it was totally worth it. Dex loved it! 

Quade thought he wanted to get close so he would lean towards it and then get to scared, so 

This was our shot at a family pic, but then it licked my neck, yuck.

Thats better.

Ok so Dexter was talking about finding the tigers all day! So when we finally found them, there was not one to be found. So Matt went and found one of the zoo keepers and told them that we have been waiting all day for the tigers but we didnt see any... There were 3 zoo keepers that he was talking to and they were so nice. They said "Ok well lets find the tiger." They walked over with us and explained that they had 5 tigers but they are solitary, so the tiger that was out right now was Jabar. They walked over there with us (Dex thought they were so cool) and started yelling out "Jabar" The tiger totally came running right up to the glass where we were! It totally scared Quade (as you can see in the picture, he is a blur bc he is turning to scream and run to me) and Dex started yelling Jabar! So the zoo keepers started getting the tiger to play and stuff. They told him to get the ball, so he would growl and pounce on the ball. It was so cool! They were so nice to do that for the boys. It totally made Dexter's day, please, it made my day. When the zoo keepers left, the tiger started to walk off again so then Dex and Matt yelled out Jabar and he totally came back for a little while. It was awesome!  

Great day at the Zoo! Cant wait to go back. Dex asks everyday if we are going to the zoo? So cute.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spiritual Thought.

So today at church, we decided to have Matt take Quade home after sacrament meeting (he is breaking a molar and just off his game) and that I would stay with Dexter so that he would go to nursery (which he is still getting used to) I am not going to lie, sometimes after sacrament meeting, at 1pm, we just head home. Fighting the fight all through sacrament just to stand in the halls with quade, AH!

So today dexter went to nursery and did great! We have really great leaders, they have really helped him adjust.

I actually got something out of church! Yeah! In relief society we were going over some great thoughts that were from a special fireside they had. I was out of town, so it was great to get the summery today. There is something we talked about that really stood out to me...

There 4 things we should do in the morning to help us be best prepared for the day:
1. Role out of bed, onto our knees. I like that they were not all "jump" out of bed. Cause a role is way more realistic.
2. Grab you scriptures.
3. Make your bed. Hello, then you don't get back in it :) Plus, it gets your day off to a more clean, organized start.
4. Get dressed and ready for the day. Because that way you are ready to take on the day. I am guilty of wearing pjs way to long in the morning, that is forsure.

This is what I am going to try this week!

Another thing we talked about was: The world is always talking about "Living the dream." something to remember: living is the journey and the dream is the afterlife.... Interesting perspective right?

It was so nice to go to church and actually feel the spirit and totally be able to focus on why we are at church and not making sure quade isn't pulling apart someone else's purse.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sweet moment.

So today the boys ran into their bedroom and swung the door closed and before we knew it they were both cracking up laughing. After a few min of them just busting up, Matt finally stuck his head in to see what was so dang funny... They each has a slipper in their mouth and they were sword fighting with them. Too funny. I hope this is one of many many moments to come of brotherly love! I can't believe how different these 2 little men are. We just love them so much!

Oh and tonight in dexter's prayers he said he was thankful for BIG rocks. Lol man that kid loves rocks. Dexter is just so smart these days, he picks up on everything!

Quade has had a weird stomach bug, as sad as it is that he is not feeling well, I love a cuddly, calm, sweet quade. He is breaking his second molar and handling it like a champ! Plus he is loving books these days.