Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Here are last weeks highlights...

We auditioned for Amazing race. One in a million chance, but our fingers are crossed! We each auditioned with my dad and the Chris and I auditioned together... here is to hoping!  

I am not sure how we did it but we convinced the guys to take us salsa/ booty dancing. It was so much fun! There is this place in dallas that is a a yummy mexican restaurant and then at 1030 they clear all the tables away and it turns into a dance floor. 
All the boys sat on one side so they could watch the game,... it was the least we could do.

Is it sad that the highlight of my week was getting my birth control implant? I was so excited! it did hurt pretty bad while he numbed it, alot bad. But it was worth it! Are you kidding me, no stressing about taking a pill at the same time every day. Win win, all around. 


We all got some good coloring time in! 

Kids were in heaven because i was so tired i let them drink some of my Diet DP.
 But I must say, the all time highlight was this awesome pool that is by Chris's house. They have the best kids pool ever, equipped with water slides and everything! We were there for 3 hours!  

We have hit up Cabellas a few times to pass time. All those animals are basically Quades worst nightmare but he is getting used to it and loves the fish tank there! 

and the slug the size of my pinky, yuck!

 Sometimes I think back on our week and it is a whirlwind...and next week I'm sure will be the same! :)

Friday, June 8, 2012


Or lack there of. We will start oldest to youngest.

Matthew: He is always going strong but like 2 weeks ago he had this nasty cold that hung on for a while but he is better now. 

Sheri: We had a miscarriage in the middle of April. We will come back to that in a sec.

When I went to the doc, the nurse had me stand on the scale and I kinda rolled my eyes and said "this is the worst part.." and laughed. The nurse goes "Oh please, you are so skinny." Then I got on the scale and the nurse goes "Oh you dont look like you weight that much." Oooch! Really lady, thanks alot! 

Ok so back to the miscarriage: Dont worry, we were sad but ok about the whole situation. The babe would have been due in Oct, and 3 kids under the age of three (Dexter turns 3 Nov.17) was not really in our plan...We found out I was pregnant (shocker) and decided not to tell anyone or do anything till we had some kind of plan... We figured I was about 10 weeks along but it was so crazy bc I never felt pregnant at all, no sickness not headaches (which both pregnancies b4 were full of) I had some minor bleeding but had much worse when I was pregnant with Quade, so I was not sure if I was miscarrying or not. I made a Dr. appointment and when we went in, we both kind of knew what was happening. I was 10 weeks along, but the baby died at 7. I never felt pregnant and we didnt have an ultrasound or anything so I kinda dont feel like it really happen. But i will tell you the recovery is pretty rough. No one really tells you that part...
Well ever since the whole process, I have had blood pressure/ anemia stuff going on. I think things are finally getting straightened out but it has been a crazy few weeks. I go in on monday to get a Implanon in my arm. Weird right? I am actually really excited about it and done all my research, it is supposed to be better then an IUD and more effective then any other form.  Not saying that we have not loved and cherished these blessed surprises, I would NEVER change a thing, but we are hoping to plan one... But I am here to tell you, the Lord has a plan, I just wish I knew what it was so I can plan :) We will see, since pills, breastfeeding and pills, and nuva ring, does not work, maybe this one will. is good for 3 years and my doc friends recommend it so here we go. 

Dexter and Quade: The boys got Hand, Foot, Mouth. It is awful! Fever, barfing and these nasty blisters. Like I am talking open sores! Yikes! Dexter got it from open gym. He got a fever and them projectile puked in the front yard (so glad it was not in the house or car) Then after 2 days of that these blisters came up on his legs, then all over his feet, he got a few in his mouth and on his hands but they didnt seem to bother him to bad. Dex's case was actually not that bad compared to Quade's. Poor little Quade caught it from Dex a few days after. He didnt puke but he has the worst blisters! They are everywhere all over his arms, legs, hands, feet, back, mouth. Oh man, we feel so bad for him! He refuses to walk on his feet bc they hurt so bad.

Poor sick boys.

Poor boys! Hopefully everyone will be healthy and strong SOON! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The month of May.

Oh wow has this month flown by. Actually I feel like I say that every month... Maybe one day I will get a grip. In other news, We get into our house on June 30th and are so excited!

Dex is just so dang cute!
Dex has been such a dream lately. He is growing up and I am SO happy and a little sad to see what a big boy he is turning to. The other day my mom was rushing around the house looking for her phone and said, "Dex, I am loosing my mind." He looked right at her and said " I help you find your mind, Gaah" So cute. He cant really say Grandma, so he calls her Gaah. Pretty cute.
We met up with Aunt Chris and baby Zo for lunch and a little shopping at the church bookstore. 

Quade had his first ride on the carousal, he was not a fan, squeezed my arm the whole time.
Dex on the other hand was having a blast! Man, these mohawks are the best! That day at the mall we were stopped like 20 times from people wanting to talk to the boys and compliment their hair. 
The second time was a little more fun for quade but we still ended up on the seat.
Church entertainment. Coming soon: Quiet books, we organized and exchange and making quiet books. I am hoping that it will change our sacrament experience, which can be crazy! 

Oh the day of electronics! 

Raspberries, they cant get enough. Quades often turns into bitting.

Let the pool fun begin. Are you kidding me, look at this kid, what a cutie.

This boy is getting in some big teeth and has been for weeks Poor kid, those gums are all swollen,  2 just broke through. I am hoping that will give him a little relief.

Quade is a serious Mama's boy! To say the least, it is actually really sweet and melts my heart when I am the only one in the world in his eyes. 
And if I am not around this is what everyone else deals with, Quade climbs up on the chair and points a million times and say "Mama" a million times.

Kim, my mom and I did relay for life this year. It was so fun! We were up all night, accept the hour that  I crashed on the ground... 

Needless to say that we were dead the next day!

I took Dexter to open gym and he had a blast. He was so excited to try all the new things and had so much fun. 

But i am pretty sure that is where the dex got hand foot mouth, now Quade has it too!  Shoot me, this is the worst thing ever! Poor boys.
"This little piggy..."

I love these golfers!
Movie dates. Summer movie program, they had a blast and Dex actually watch, almost, the whole thing.

We could not be more excited for watermelon season! 

June will be a month of projects! I hope they all turn out...