Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A month of firsts!

Dexter is ONE! I can not believe it, he is sooo big! We love him to death and he is constantly keeping us busy and entertained!

Dex's 1st birthday, take one in Texas with the Vandiver's:

These balloons were a major hit!

Maddison and I were so excited for the presents and Dex was going in the other direction...

Dexter's First hair cut:

Bec did an amazing job on our squirmy little boy. The rats tail is officially gone! Thanks bec, you are a pro!
Oh and we spent lots of time at the park in Texas. Let me just say that Grandma is a trooper! I look up and saw this:

And then i saw her follow him right through that tunnel, lol way to go mom!

Dex and I were in Texas for the best week of fall weather! I have to remind myself that the summers suck, because I did not want to come back to CA where there arent really seasons!

Dex's First Birthday take 2 with the Hanson's:

Meg and Dex were Bff's this week. (They are like 2 months apart) Dex was always following her around and trying to touch her.

Matt and I made our First Turkey:

I must say, Matt is quite the chief! He did all the dirty work, he about gagged when he took out the neck. We got AMAZING recipes from my uncle Del, who is basically a food artist and my good friend Whitney. After those 2 recipes and a few tips from food network, it turned out perfect! Soooo tasty and moist. When we poked it juice actually quirted out every time!

Friday, November 19, 2010


The High Risk Doc was very interesting! We went in for a 45 min, very detailed ultra sound. I dont know why they dont do this kind of ultra sound anyway, we could see so much more and everything so clearly. So things we learned about his size:
- He is weighing in at 4 pounds.
-He is measuring 2 weeks early
-His head is measuring 4 weeks early (yowzer!)
And dont worry we still have 10 weeks left!!! It is always a good sign when the doc says, "his head is BIG." and then a few min later, " Wait, how far along do you think you are?" At least we know why I am HUGE now.
Things we learned about his placenta:
- They were not able to see the bilobed placenta because of his size and gestational age, but again they are not worried. But we still dont know what caused it. Oh well.
-They did find a abnormality in his placenta, the name is complicated but basically it is a pool of blood vessels that usually causes a small birth weight issue but the doc just kind of laughed and said "Well, that is not a problem." But they are not worried about that either. They said that we may want to send it to be analyzed after birth. We will see. But he wants to see me in 4 weeks and then start stress testing every week after that. (starting at 34 weeks)
So after all of this, we have learned: Everything is looking healthy and he is going to be big! Thank goodness we need to have a C section.

Texas was a blast and my next post will be about that!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Dex just opened the front door and went running out! He is only a year and 1 day old, isnt that a little soon? He was so cute and proud of him self!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

He makes me laugh

Matt always cracks me up! We have fun!
I was dying when he made this comment this morning...

"I guess it is time to trim, Dex was playing with my chest hair..."


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

27-28 weeks

Ok so I am just a one of those girls who gains alot of weight when they are pregnant. I am coming to grips with it. I gained 55 pounds with dex, yes, 55! So I was very curious what would happen this time... Well lets just say I am well on my way. Cool. With dexter i lost it all and was back at market in about 5 weeks but he was also deathly ill and my first. So we will see what happens this time... At the doctor this week I finally hit the point in this pregnancy where I start turning around on the scale. Even better.
So at the doctor this week he informed me that we have a Bilobed Placenta. We have to go to a High Risk doctor to get another ultra sound, to find out more, but Dr. Clayton assured me that he was not worried. It just means that I made an extra part of the placenta, great. The issue is when it goes undetected and then you dont deliver both parts of the placenta. It can also effect the birth weight of the baby. But we dont know anything really yet and we go to the High Risk doc on Nov. 19. which we are excited about because we get another ultra sound!

Dexter is a walking machine! He is still unstable and pretty wobbly but he takes at least 8-10 step before he falls and will walk further if there is chocolate involved. He is so much fun!