Friday, August 6, 2010

Big News!

We are moving! Matt got an amazing job in California, so it is official, we are not students anymore! We are so excited for real life! He starts at the beginning of September.
So here is our schedule for the next crazy week: We move on Tue. (ahh) Then I go to work (Ferrari) in San Fran. at Pebble Beach (Matt is very jealous!) While matt finds us a place in Southern California. Then after that craziness, we get to go relax in TX for 2 whole weeks. Cant wait!
You never know how much stuff you have till you get it all out. Plus dex is having a blast! there is everything, everywhere and he wants to be involved! It is so hard for us both to focus and get packed when dex is walking (while holding on to something) and getting into everything. It is all quite an adventure! Wish us luck!

Matt is basically amazing! I am seriously lacking in the energy department and he just goes and goes, i dont know how he does it. But I love him so much!

Dexter walks everywhere just like this.