Tuesday, April 2, 2013

September and October In Pictures.

Ok so another bounce back. We had so much fun this fall! This is September and October in pictures.

the boys waiting for dad to come inside from work. They tell me everyday how much they miss daddy while he is at work. What does that tell me :)

A professional school goer. Dex still asks if Quade can come with him to pre school.

Clearly the best place to take a poop.

We love going to open gym. I am dying to get them in gymnastics! Maybe that will be a good summer activity...

What does it say about TX that we are still in the water in Sept? love this little butt crack.

Date night.

The Foust's had this little guy for a few months and the boys and the bunny were fast friends.

Post swim tired boys. 

This is what happens when we let Aunt Kim babysit. Quade loved every minute of it!

Science museum. They loved it! we could have spent forever there! 

Early morning trip to the park! The only way to go when it is still hot! 

Lunch date with friends, 

Sacrament meeting entertainment! 
Oh ya know riding the ducks.

Cutest boys around.

Just being silly while we wait for Dexter to wake up. look at that face.

Snow white came to visit on her way to a party.

And more open gym fun! 

Open gym slide. Quade has a love hate relationship with blow up activities which usually means that I have to go too.

Brotherly love at its finest

I love this picture, my heart melts every time! Look how bad Quade was teething, so much drool!  

Unexpected trip to the fountains, with no suits, that wont stop us.

We love pumpkin patches and spent most of our time at a pumpkin patch of some kind...

We got passes to the arboretum and it is so awesome! Plus there pumpkin patch is the best around.  They had pumpkin houses, and everything.

Aunt Chris and Baby Zoey joined us too.
Just a little bed head.

We like to swing!

Church goers

I love this kids "cheese" face!

Two at a time and I wouldnt have it any other way.

Whole foods has the best carts!  

Silly faces with the Quadester

This is what happens when you walk with a fork and fall. Oooch.
Sometimes he wakes up before Dex and i try to get him to lay with me... it only lasts for a few min.
Side walk paint. Major hit! 

Cool rides

They got to pic their own pumpkins.

Sometimes he refuses to get out of the tub...

Snacks for us and the ducks.

We stumbled acoss this random pumpkin patch and had so much fun there. Hay makes me itch! 

I cant remember why this even happened. All the sudden I turn around and this is what I saw. Yikes

Another pumpkin patch and this one had a pony ride. Of course Dex was stoked and Quade would not even get close!  

These jammies glow in the dark and were a major hit.

Who ate blue chalk?

Skeletons and the Book of Mormon. So cute.

First time the Boys had Maggianos. They loved it! 

Family trip to the Arboretum. So fun.

The Arboritum had face painting and Kindermusic come. It was so much fun. Dex got a pumpkin painted on his face and Quade was not into it, but they both loved the music!

Face painted friends.

While we were there we found this fuzzy caterpillar. The find of the century. good thing this one didnt sting cause it took the boys like .5 seconds to pick it up!

Oh ya know just our view on our way home from target. Why wouldnt we see a whole heard of long horns on our way home? we do live in Texas.

Oh man Halloween was so much fun! We went to two different Trunk or Treats with friends, hit up the outlets and did a little more on Halloween night. Our little Buzz and Woody had sooo much fun! They were the cutest! how could we not dress up as much as possible?!

I love how Quade holds bags. Sooo funny now all he needs is some heels and he is all set :)

Play group candy hunt. 

Hand pile at in and out! 

Kim and I were booked to go to a preschool for Halloween, it was so fun to dress up with all the kids! 

Trick or Treating is the best.

We had a great fall and so much fun. These boys are getting so big and keep us in our toes every second!