Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pre School

We decided to put Dexter into a 2 day a week private pre school and he has loved it! It took us a few weeks to say good bye with out lots of tears but now he waves good bye and hops out of the car and waves goodbye. I have really like the two's program that they have at the school. They do all the art projects that I am to scared to do, in fear of a giant mess. They do starter academics with a big focus on teaching the kids how to listen and follow instructions, play with friends and be social. And one of Dexter's little buddies is in his class, so that is fun too.

I just cant believe that he is such a big boy!

I never thought about how the boys have never been away from me really but they have never really been away from each other either! Dexter was so sad to say buy to Quade. He REALLY wanted Quade to come with him. Truthfully, I was sad to split them up too, i would love to have them in the same class...  And Quade walked around the house all day saying "Dexie? Where Dexie?" It was so sweet. They do love eachother! 

Q was so happy to see D!

So happy to see mom and Quade after school!
Such a big handsome boy! 

Big Boy Bed.

In August we decided that it was finally time to put Dexter into a big boy bed... Actually we only made that choice bc Quade as climbed out of his crib and landed on his head... Sooo the crib tent that was on Dex's bed needed to be moved to Quade's. Really he was almost 3 so it was time... but I must say, it kinda has been a nightmare! He does stay on his bed but he is a master manipulator, one more book, one more song.. and then he freaks if he doesnt get his way. YIKES It was a very hard transition for him... still is! I must say it is getting better. I made a chart and explained to him that when we read our book we put a sticker, when we sing a song we put a sticker, when we pray we put a sticker and then mom and dad leave and if he is not tired he can sit there and read his books. It works a little better... 

Q's carpet imprint from falling out of his crib and landing on his head! 

Dex's bed... this was phase one of design choices, it looks better now :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Book of Mormon

So since Dexter is now in sunbeams I felt like he needed his own blue Book of Mormon. So I tracked do the missionaries and they hooked us up.

I can't tell you how tender and sweet it is to see him caring the Book of Mormon around and looking at the pictures in the front. When we got in the car after church dex goes "Dad, will you read me this book." And he has asked us this all day. I kind of wanted to cry. I am sure he doesn't quite know how amazing this book is or how it will help his life but he knows it is important and that it is great and that makes me SO happy!

I just can't believe how much he loves it. He will not put it down! He even fell asleep with it in his arm tonight.

Melt my heart.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Children's Aquarium

In August we also hit up the Children's Aquarium. It was so cool! They had an albino alligator and lots of other creatures to check out. Plus in the back they had a sting ray touch tank and we stayed there forever! And once their shirts we soaking wet, from basically jumping in, we took them off and stayed even longer! 



Sunday, January 6, 2013

More from August.

In August Matt started his new job! He was so excited for this new opportunity, plus it is a way cool job so matt was really excited to start training. So was I but it also meant that he had to go to Maine for 2 whole weeks. Try going from team parents all day everyday to single mom. I had a major adjustment to make... like major! So we spent every night those 2 weeks on skype with dad! 

Just because summer is over doesnt mean we didnt swim, like every day :)

This was so funny bc this was like the longest pee Dex has even peed, so funny!

This little piggy...

 Sleepy babe pictures are the best. They are so cute!

Who left this weapon at the park? yikes.

So dexter started this thing where he picks his nose all the time and then hand me the boogers... "Mom, I have a boog" I am not sure how I feel about this, I am glad that he hands it to me rather then wiping it somewhere else or eating it. But yuck, why does he pick it so much? I guess he has lots of boogers.
Yeah, Quade hates getting in his jammies after his bath.  So he often wiggles away and goes and hides. We find him behind the curtain and was peeing on the wall! Awesome.
His prayers are the cutest! Especially when he says things like "Please help daddy to be safe" and "Grateful for cow and betty" and every other toy he loves.

love these no sew bow ties, piece of cake!

Hate Hate Hate folding laundry! 

Girls night! 

Side walk chalk paint awesome idea! 

This kid keeps me on my toes! Just cant believe how big he is getting!  He bonked his head on our brick fireplace. 
Lol they were running around old navy while I was trying to shop... And I look over at Quade and his pants were gone. Yeah I know they are barefoot...

Goodbye Betty!

Oh sooooo it was finally time to say goodbye to Betty on August 25, 2012. Dex was so excited, we packaged them all up and went to the Disney store. Then we let Dex pic out a stuffed animal, which turned into 2 and then he paid for them with his Betty's. He really had no idea what was happening, hence the excitement. And that was that. Actually it was not that bad! He screamed bloody murder for 15 minutes and then he was out. I think that it helped that he was still in his crib for this transition. It was maybe 3 nights of that and then he was over night time. 
Nap time was a different story. For 2 weeks he did not nap and stayed in there and yelled...I was loosing my mind so now betty flies through the window at nap time only and for those 10 min while he falls asleep, he is in heaven. How is he getting so big?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Ok so the goal: I have got to get caught up! This is my main journal and I need to get back on top of it! So one blog post everyday till i am caught up... that should not be to hard right, totally manageable. I just feel like like the boys are growing up way to fast and I am so scared I am going to forget everything about this period of life! Like Quade was basically talking in sentences full on sentences all day yesterday! What, when did my baby become a little boy? Mom, play trains with me. Melt my heart!  And Dexter is such a big boy! He always says, "Mom I have a great idea" usually it is when he is trying to get his way, but still or "Dont worry, I help you" to anyone!

I just love them! and sometimes when I forget that :) I want to be able to remember!

More with the 2013 goals to come!