Wednesday, May 23, 2012

4 years!

Four years already, man has time flown by! 
I am so in love with Matt. He rocks my world.
I love our love story.
I love that we met in such amazing way. I cant wait to tell our kids about it.
I love that he has made me laugh every single day that I have known him. 
I love that he is my favorite person and bff.
I love that he is the best dad ever.
I love that he helps keep me sane. 
I love that we are sealed and that we have forever.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just in...

Wow. That is all I can say. Getting out of the bath tub is serious issue for quade. I swear he would stay and play in there all day. So every night it is a little fight to get his diaper on and in his pjs.

Tonight, we were up stairs and I had just pulled him out of the tub and was wrestling his diaper on when he got away. In the 6 sec it took me to look down and get up to go get him... He had run over to the ban ester and while he was looking over the edge, he totally started peeing!!! Over the edge, down stairs!! Oh my gosh! What am I going to do with this kid?! Dex is seeming more and more like a saint.

Not to mention on mothers day, when we were on our way home from church and quade fell asleep with chocolate in his hand... Oh was he happy when he woke up and found it!

Oh quaders!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What a girl will do for a little cash...

I filled in for Kim as Cinderella for the princess parties she does. It was actually pretty fun and man, are people willing to shell out the big bucks for parties these days... Maybe I should start planning the boys now... 
So Cinderella had kinda a rough day getting all set to go. I tried out the cd player in the car b4 I walked in. Duh, you have to enter to music. Well it was not working, so I had to run to CVS to get batteries. Nice, Cinderella searching for batteries down the isles,  plus there were little girls in there who were amazed and wanted to talk and I could not squish their princess dreams so I had to be all princess like, but I really needed the batteries! 
Then when I got to the car... Ever since Matt changed the car battery, we have had this little issue. Most of the time it starts just fine, but sometimes it doesnt and you have to pop the hood and wiggle this wire. Well... the car didnt start so Cinderella had to pop the hood. 
All in all, it was a fun afternoon and I got paid.

Wig cap on.

Finished product.

LOl Dexter was so funny. He was all "Where did mama go?" He talked about how I was a princess for the rest of the day. Quade on the other hand was scared of me :) 

Hair Cuts!

We did it, we cut the boys hair... into mohawks. This is Dexters first haircut where his ears actually show and Quades first haircut ever. 

I am already missing their shags! But they are pretty cute rockers. 

First few days in Dallas...

So we got here pretty easy! Matt was the big bad truck driver and I tried my best to not fall asleep driving the other car. We brought one car up and dropped off the boys. What better way to break in grandma and grandpa, than to put them on full time Dexter and Quade duty for 2 days? 
We had some good friends move to Waco for the summer so we stopped by for dinner and a break on our way back up. Makell, how did we not take one picture? It was so good to see Makell and Jed, Cougar too, we were so grateful for a home cooked meal! 
Then we arrived in Dallas, safe and sound. The next morning, Matt, My dad and Ryan (bro inlaw ) unloaded the truck into a storage unit. Uh talk about frustrating, we packed the truck to move, just to un pack it into a storage unit, just to pack the truck again soon, to then unpack it into a new place. Yikes i try not to think about it...

 We got here just in time to celebrate Ryan Alldredge's birthday at top golf! It was so much fun! Plus we got to meet lots of people! Happy Birthday Ryan, we love you! 

The big time, gloves and all.

Birthday boy checking his score. I dont think he knows that I took this pic :)

Kim and Natasha and all their talent.

Ryan Vandiver came to visit! We love when he come and have so much fun hanging out with him. We always eat at great places and play games forever. Plus the boys adore him!

Other then that, we have just been hitting the parks! 

So fun being able to play with Maddison and James! Plus Quade turned blue from being cold. 

Allergy attack!

Play date with baby Zo.

Soccer at a park I went to when I was little. 

Such a big kick Dex lost a shoe.

Chasing birds. 

I love when they share :)

Let the fun of Dallas begin. Bonus: We have a Trader Joe's and H&M here!

Last few days in Austin...

Our last few days in Austin were crazy! Between packing up our house and getting these crazy boys entertained, we were definitely busy!

We even put kids up for sale :)

Lots and lots of swimming!! It always guaranteed an early bedtime :)

Both boys in puddle jumpers! What a life saver! Dex is awesome in them and Quade it still getting used to balancing in them. Matt was so mad I let the boys be in public with just these speedo suits on.  

Mean daddy! Actually he loves it!

Had one more girls night! Oh man, am I going to miss those talented ladies! 

Said Bye to some AMAZING frinds

We are going to REALLY miss you guys.

Tuckered our boys, asleep in the same position. LOVE them!

Yum ice cream!
Hit up the Waco zoo, which is awesome! Dexter talks about the zoo all the time! Most of the time when he wakes up from a nap and i go to get him he says "I go to zoo?" So dang cute!

They had a slide that went through the water of the otter exhibit. It was so fun to see them swimming all around us! 

We are really going to miss Austin and all our friends! Good thing we didnt go very far away :)