Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finally time to blog...

Finally time to blog... Let me just start by saying, Thank you Emily for the wonderful pictures! You are amazing! Everyone check out her website!

So it has been a totally crazy past 3 weeks. Not only because we had a baby but also because he got sick. Don't worry, all is well now! I think that the best way to post all of what has happened is by topics...

39 Weeks. Nov. 17, 6:30am. On our way to the hospital.

The Labor: So Matt and I went to the doctor on Monday Nov.16 for our 39 week appointment. Ok so I was so so done being pregnant and for the past 2 weeks we had been doing everything we could to start something but nothing, no contractions, no nothing. So we were fully anticipating that at this appointment our doc would say that I was not dilated and that we would need to wait... Well we were happy to hear that I was dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced. After hearing that good news I said as a joke "Oh great, so we can induce say, tomorrow?" And so our surprise or doc said "Sure." So she called the hospital and we were scheduled for the next day at 6:30am. We were pretty freaked out! So of course we went home and cleaned the apartment, did laundry, dishes, even hit up walmart, and were up all night with anxiety.
6:30 roles around and we went to the hospital. We had the coolest room it was huge! we loved Orem Community! everything about it was great, especially the nurses, fabulous! So the nurse came in and got the IV all hooked up, checked to see where we were at and to our surprise I was dilated to a 4 and 90% effaced, so we were totally on our way. The nurse said that she wanted to start the patossin (sp?) Well I did not like that because I did not want to feel a thing, so I talked her into letting me get the epidural first. Matt was just laughing. The anticipation of the epidural really freaked me out and when I get nervous my teeth chatter and when i get really scared my whole body shakes. So I was shaking and chattering while the guy was giving me the epidural and Matt was just trying to hold me steady. Once I was all drugged up the doctor decided to just let us sleep, so Matt and I slept for 5 hours! It felt so good to sleep and relax!

At about 2:30 I had not made any real progress cause the patossin (sp?) just slowed me down. So the doc broke my water and then we went back to sleep. Well I woke up at 3:30 with horrible contractions, that i could feel!! What? I was not supposed to feel anything! Matt was so good and right there by my side...laughing at me because who knows what degree of the contractions I was actually feeling because I still had epidural in me but you would have thought I was dying! It hurt so so bad! But the reason the contractions were so bad is because I dilated to a 10. Yay! So the nurse came in and was checking me and said "Oh wow 5 centimeters in an hour, your next baby is just going to slide right out." and all I was thinking is "Yeah right not until I can have an epidural!"

So at this point I was completely dilated and ready to go... Well the doc came in and said that I have a low pelvis and that she wanted me to "rest and descend" for 2 hours and see if Dex would work his way down a little further and that they would have me try to push but that they would probably still have to use forceps. Cool. We were not so excited about that. But when the nurses came in and had me practice pushing and when I asked how I did they said "Mmm not so good." We figured we would need them for sure. So we just hung out "resting and descending." By this time i had the guy coming in every half hour to give me a booster to the epidural, that little button doesnt always work.
At 5:50 all the doctors and nurses came in and got us all ready to finally deliver. They totally transform your room into a delivery room, they crank up your bed to basically eye level, while your legs are completely in the air. All the sudden there are like 20 people in the room. The respiratory doc came in and he was wearing jeans and a t shirt and I was all "who is this guy, please say a doctor because my croch is completely on display here." Matt was so great! He was right by my side the whole time!

So I had Matt on one side holding my hand and my doctor on the other side holding one leg and a nurse on the other side holding my other leg and the forceps doc just pulling away, telling me that i need to spread my legs more... I dont think that Matt was planning on watching the whole thing but considering my knees were at my ears and he was by my head, he got a front row seat, he actually said that it was pretty cool to watch. After pushing, forceps, and a level 4 apisiotomie, Dexter Matthew Hanson was born at 6:03. When he first came out he looked pretty funny. His hair looked black and curly and his lips were huge! Matt and I both looked at each other and said "who's baby is that" But he was SO cute! Dex weighed in at 8lbs 11oz and 21 1/2 inches long! Matt and I were pretty shocked at how big he was. My doc looked at me and said " I had know idea that there was a baby that big inside of you" All the nurses agreed. I was just so glad that we were a week early!!

I would say that having the baby is the easy part. It is the recovery after that sucked! After he was born, they handed him to me to nurse and I looked down at him and basically passed out. When i woke up, I felt so sick! I was so nauseous so the nurse had to give me a shot for that so I wouldnt throw up the pain pills, which means they had to wait to give me the pain pills. So everyone cleared out, Matt went with Dex to get a bath and I was asleep waiting for the nausea to go away. Well when I woke up, the epidural was all worn off and I had no pain pills! AH, it hurt, it hurt, so so bad! I didnt know what to do, I was all alone and my body was shaking so bad from all the hurt. So I called Matt to see if they were almost done and by the time he answered i was totally crying and he is all "Call the nurse" So She came in with the drugs that took way to long to kick in, but they were amazing! Then not to long after that they come in and make you stand up and go to the bathroom to get somewhat cleaned up, well that opened up new realms of pain. After all is said and done, he is here and he is so much fun! (Well other then the whole sick part) Matt is so cute with him and such a great dad! I couldnt ask for a better husband! Or Better little family!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mourning The Loss!

So lately i have been totally morning the loss! The loss of my body. It will never be the same!! I am so done being pregnant, and done getting fat! I dont even look a the scale anymore when we go to the doc. I turn around and say " Dont tell me unless there is a problem." I am SO glad that this baby is healthy and strong and has gone full term but... Yeah sure, I know I can totally loose the weight... But my body will never be the same, my abs will never, my boobs will never, it will never be the same. Everyone keeps saying, "Its ok, It is totally worth it" Well considering we dont have kids yet, I am sorry, but i dont believe you! But i am sure i will in 2 weeks or so... I just dont think my body can stretch anymore!

Less then 20 days! it better be less... Last week I had a couple contraction and we were thinking it was a good sign, but then nothin this week so we will see... The doc said that we are ready, that Dex has dropped and head is in the birth canal, so that is a good sign!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy Days

Ok here is a quick update!
35 Weeks! We are so close, we can hardly wait! We go to the doc every week now and let me tell you, I am SO done being pregnant! So this last week when we went I said to our doc, "Heather, I am so done being pregnant..." and she gave me this really sad look and said "Oh i know, is there anything I can do?" All I could think to myself is, Well yeah there is something you can do! This baby is always always in my ribs! I can hardly sit for more then an hour, then i am done. He is obviously done too because he starts to move a ton which is even more uncomfortable.
We had another ultrasound and we were so excited accept we couldnt really see anything! It was like shoving your face up against glass. The lady was like "Ok here is his head" and matt and I were thinking, where? well the whole picture was his head! We did get to see that he has alot of hair. And I am measuring big (Joy) and to deliver a week early. So Nov. 18, Please! But anywhere from now and then would be fine :)
I have started to have some contractions but nothing really, just enough to be super uncomfortable.

The Serias

Who we love! I grew up with these girls and they are so much fun! Carissa just had a little boy and he has been so much fun to practice on!

Welcome Winter!

Matt is so cute!

Thriller!! Just the other night we went to the Odyssey Theaters, performance of Thriller in Salt Lake. SOOO much fun! It was so good, It is always fun to do Halloween things! The best part, we had to park about a mile away and don't worry, as we were about half way there it starts to SNOW! It was actually really fun to walk up there and play in the snow. (I was secretly hoping that the walk + snow + maybe if i tripped a little, I would go into labor but NO)
We have a daily debate on if we should turn on the heater or not. I say NOT but poor matt is freezing these days. What a great husband!

Puckett's absolute favorite place to sleep! We have to close the door to Dex's room so that she will come and sleep with us. (Pictures of the nursery are coming soon)

4 years at Carrabbas! Way to go Matt! (He is not so proud of that) The company took us to Flemming's to celebrate. Matt was in heaven, we ordered so much food, it was amazing!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So I was cleaning today and found this notepad my sister gave me. On the top of the pad it says

"Inside me is a thin woman screaming to get out...
...I can usually keep the bitch quite with chocolate."

Welcome to my life these days!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mini Golf

Mini Golf! Always fun! I am not sure why Matt picked the smallest putter, but he got 2 hole-in-ones with it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well I have decided that we are not going back to the temple till after the baby is born! (I guess you are not really supposed to in your third trimester any way.) When we went to the temple a couple weeks ago, I had to rent a dress, obviously. Ya know the big ugly ones with the zipper in the front... Well when I walked out Matt said I looked like a "Big Marshmallow" He is so nice :)

So things have been very busy lately! Matt is totally swamped with school and work, but is doing a great job in both areas. We were able to take a little break and head to California for one of Matts best friends weddings. We had so much fun! Well the drive was pretty horrible! We had to drive through the night because Matt couldn't miss class and my parents were in town and we wanted to spend time with them too. Anyways it took us forever to get there! Matt likes to blame it on me but every time we had to stop for a bathroom, he had to go too. Lol It was so fun to hang out with all of his friends! Congrats Brandon and Nicole.

Baby News: Everything is great! He is breech right now, so it is time for him to turn around. We are so so ready for him to get here! The nursery is almost all put together, i just have to make curtains and then we will post pictures. We have finished all the blankets and most sewing project and I will post those too next time. Matt put together the car seat, stroller and we got really excited! We re going to get a 3d ultrasound next week!

32 Weeks

Other than that we are so excited for next month! Holidays, Family and Baby!

Oh and Matt played on a softball team. It was so much fun to watch him play! They got 2nd place! Way to go guys!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

29 weeks!

29 weeks! 

So we are getting close! We went to the doc today and everything is looking great! We start going to her every 2 weeks, which is a little crazy that we are getting that close!  

The crib is a forever process! We are half way done, well kinda. We are saving the 2 big pieces for last, so of course neither of us want to do them. It will be fun to see if Matt can remember how to put it all back together. The nursery is going to be so cute! But we are so excited that we only have 10 weeks left!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wow Busy!

Hello everyone! It has been forever! Ok so our life has been crazy crazy. Here is a quick over view of the last month. (The pictures are SO out of order but you can get the drift.)
-Matt finished his very busy and intense summer semesters with amazing grade! Way to go babe, I love you.
-Dex is doing great. getting bigger and bigger. the belly (I hate that word) is when we were 25 weeks so I am much fatter now. There is nothing like feeling you stomach touch you thighs when you sit. We are in the 3rd trimester and getting closer. We are sooo excited. Everything is coming together, the crib is close to finished. And we get to start getting the nursery together in our new place. Pictures to come. 
-We went on the best vacation with my parents, all over Montana. Love you mom and dad.
 -First stop was Bozeman with my brother too. We got to visit my uncle Del, Susan and of course Max and Gena (the giant dogs that we love) those dogs are pretty amazing and so much fun and definitely part of the family. Max is the smaller one, but is older and Gena is only 8 months and is much bugger then Max. He is definitely a puppy and still learning, he picked my designer shoes, out of all the shoes out, to chew on. Luckily we got them in time to save. Matt, my Dad and Del all went camping over night somewhere in the mountains, they had so much fun. We also picked berries for syrup and jam. Then we made the trip to Yellow Stone which is always fun. We got to see some buffalo and elk really close up. Also got to se some random geyser explode which was cool.  We all had such a good time visiting Del and Susan!
-Then the next stop was Big Sandy, well actually about 15 miles outside, to visit my aunt Ann and Bob on the 3500 acre organic farm. That was truly amazing. I dont know how they have so much energy! We got to go out and shoot prairie dogs (matts fav activity) The tour of the farm was amazing! they have everything you can imagine growing and it all tastes so good. They are amazing!
-Next was Great Falls where we saw my aunt Kay and Lynn. It is funny bc my two aunts live and hour and a half apart and are in the same stake. There we could only stay a day and we saw the Lewis and Clark museum which was so interesting! It was great to see them.
-Oh and b4 Montana I got to go to Texas to see Christine and Jonathan off to Croatia. I am really going to miss her and miss being able to call her when ever I want but they re going to have a great time! 

Ok so now we are in a new place, we were sad to leave the other place but we found this one and it is almost 200 squ ft bigger and lots cheaper. We really like it. Everything is not bran new like our old place but we still really like it. Thank you dad for fixing all the issues! And mom for picking up the slack moving, since I was useless! And thank you to both moms for cleaning and adopting my OCD for a day! Pictures to come. 

Great Falls
Dressing up at the L&C museum

Ann and Bobs place

Max and Gena
Yellow Stone

The boys camping

Picking berries

On our way to Mt I got to visit an old friend Cara.
At the Temple
Love these kids!

25 Weeks