Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Side Note!

So I was thinking today: As restless as I get and bored sometimes, and annoyed... I am SO glad that I am able to be a stay at home mom. I never thought I would say it.

Plus I am so grateful for my stay at home mom!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wow 3 months already!

Dexter is the best baby! He is so funny and beginning to do the funniest things! He is such a layed back kid. And looks just like Matt!

He is such a tank! He weighs 16 pounds and gains about 4 oz a week. We know that when bc he went to the doctor twice in one week. Dex is a pro at eating! He only takes about 5-10 min to eat, which I love cause lets face it, we have things to do. Matt and I tried a little rice cereal last week but Dex was not interested! but it was also mixed with his bacteria which he doesn't enjoy to much either so we will try again later.

Church on sunday.

Ok, family member who said i would NEVER use a kitchen aid, you know who you are (Mom, Chris and Kim) here is experience number one when i needed one! We made pumpkin cinnamon rolls that were delish. I felt like i was on a cooking show because i was explaining every step to dex, clearly he was interested.

Matt is such a great dad! Anything to get a laugh!

Nightly routine.

Teething! He is chewing chewing on everything including fingers and its pretty hard! And drooling, oh so much spit!

So because of his neck issues he has to be constantly worked out. So tummy time, Baby bjorn and bumbo is our life now. He is a champ at it all. He loves the bouncer but is not quite able to be in it by himself yet.

Dex likes tummy time so much better, these days! Now that he is constantly on a neck work out he is so strong! He is getting so close to rolling over! When i asked the doc when he should be rolling the doc said " Oh these chubby fat babies dont role over for a while."

His hair is slowly falling out finally. The dark stuff is from birth and the new stuff is supper blond!

Dex is such a great sleeper! He is so cute, he hides his eyes when ever he is tired and about to fall asleep. He wakes up smiling and talking every time, i love it! At night it varies. If he has a late evening nap he goes down at 930 - 10 and sleeps till 3ish and then wakes up at 930-10. But usually we keep him up and he goes down at 730 then wakes up at 12-1 and then is down till 5 and then gets up at 930-10. He is still only up for about an hour or hour and a half and then goes down for 2 hours. Such a fabulous sleeper!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Thanks babe!

Ok so Dexter is huge! 3 months and 16 pounds, he has doubled his birth weight! Go Dex. He is so amazing, teething, laughing, talking in his baby language and almost rolling over! He is the best little guy! We have so much fun with him and cant believe how fast he is growing.

So the other day Dex and i we chillen in the bath when Matt got home. so he came was sitting in there talking to us. Well I was leaning over to get the soap and by the time i look down i see dex's pee an inch from my face! i look up at Matt who was just dying laughing. Instead of telling me that dex was about to pee on my face, he first wanted to see if it was going to happen.
Thanks babe!

And we have a couple cute videos that i need to upload, anyone know the best way to do it?