Saturday, December 24, 2011

The little guy.

Oh that face... Well our little Quade is a little sick right now and it breaks my heart! As I was sitting with him in the hot steam to help his cough and breathing, sweating, I was just thinking how this year had sped by. Where have I been? I feel like I blinked and now this little guy is almost one. Quade is almost ONE! 
Quade has said his first word. Whoa. What does it say about us, when both of our kids first word was WHOA. Yikes, I thought we really cut down on that word. His little face is so cute when he says it! He also knows what a doggie says. How to clap. How to wave. He is so close to being a full time walker. He still only takes 4-5 steps at a time but walks everywhere as long as he can hold on to something. Plus his hair is getting so long! He just picks up on things so fast, we can hardly keep up!

We hope our little Quade feels better soon! 


Trip to Utah.

So we took a last min trip to Utah. We decided to drive and let me tell you how much fun that was... It actually was pretty fun. The boys did better then we though, but not great... and Matt and I listened to the hunger games, which was really fun. We did hit a snow storm in Albuquerque which was not fun, but Dexter loved it. I think Quade just thought was cold. We had so much fun hanging out with family and running around our old stomping grounds.  

The boys and their dashing winter gear.

Then we went to Temple Square on probably the coldest night we were there.

We are so glad that Kent and Liz were about to come with us! We heart the Lyons.

We took a break from the cold and went into the Visitors Center. When Dexter saw the Christus, he goes " Wow big Jees." Meaning, big Jesus. We were dying laughing! He was also obsessed with riding the horses (actually the life sized wise men riding camels) We has to tell dex they were really mean to get him to let the idea go.

The walk back to the car was pretty funny, Dex kept dropping cow or fake falling, he thought it was so funny.

And we saw real life Reindeer!

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Oh the joys of a bubble gun! 

Everyone got chased.

These dashing boys at church.

Oh Santa.

And these beauties were the treat from Santa. Thanks alot Santa.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Tribute, Continued.

I know, really more pictures? Well there were a few more pictures from the past 2 years that needed to be included from my computer. Just cant get enough of this kid!