Monday, September 10, 2012


 Here we go, we are getting caught up one blog at a time. I have only been MIA for a little over 2 months, that is not that long right? Just SO much has happened in those months that now I am way behind. So let get caught up. So here was the last part of June for us.

Of course, we are swimming like crazy still. We went to this fun pool that I used to go to when I was a kid.  The boys had a blast!

Dex is getting so great at swimming. He loves these goggles and rocks at holding his breath and diving for things. 

The only way to hold hands in Texas.

Man, this kids teeth have been giving him heck! I should not be smiling bc he actually has not slept well all summer. Poor kid.

 Then Matt's BFF who is on the US Olympic team, came in town for a tournament. They played for 3 night. Of course, this was the same weekend that we were moving out of my parents house and into our house, so the kids and I only joined them on the last night. And they won!  

Oh I have missed Leah so much! She is Russel's sister and a good friend from Austin and it was so fun to see her and let the kids play, they has a blast! 

What was I thinking scheduling there check ups at the same time? Quade had his first ear infection. So sad! I will update there stats asap. 
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