Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Projects

I feel like these never end! We went to Dallas this past week to hang out with the family and help my parents get another rent house ready. Matt and my dad did alot! I just helped put things together! Matt spent alot of time over there picking up handy man tips. I think he is ready to do some re modeling on him own :) 

We also made a headboard a few weeks ago. We though it was a no brainer, I had the online tutorial and a good friend who had already made one, so piece of cake right? NO. The tutorial was for a double and I didnt think about the math alterations it would take for a king. So so so glad that my parents came up that weekend and that my dad was here! Wow was an architect nice to have on hand. I think he secretly didnt want us to use his jig saw and staple gun without supervision ha ha. But we are so happy with the end product! Now to just work on pillows! 

We had lots of help!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So for those of you who dont know, Matt was laid off in November, actually less then 90 days after his company moved us out here to Austin, is when it happened. Matt was able to negotiate a pretty good severance package, we totally understand corporate restructuring but I mean, they JUST moved us! So we have had a GREAT 4 month vacation! (What am I going to do when he goes back to work?!?) But now we are on the search! 
So if anyone out there has any connections, we would love it! 

We have been thinking alot about where we want to live. Obviously we would go where ever a job would be and Austin is a great and a great place to be unemployed. We would love Dallas, but we really really miss California. So we feel totally torn!

Here is a link to Matt's Linked In profile. We are open to all possibilities. So if anyone know of anything we would totally appreciate the connection!  


On a totally different note, This s what we have been dealing with lately...
A Quade with attitude. He has totally hit the independent phase, really already? He wont even let us feed him, he like to do it by himself, which equals mess! 

Poor Dexter has been sick. He had a fever for 2 days and now he has totally lost his voice. He is getting better but man that lost voice is the cutest thing ever!

I love these boys!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quade-Master is ONE!

Quade is amazing! I cant believe that he is one. He is definitely opinionated! He is starting to talk, Mama, Dada, ball, more, fall, whoa, uh oh and is saying more everyday. He love books and cars! 

Dexter and Quade totally crack us up these days! Dex loves Quade and I am sure Quade loves him too but he really would rather do his own thing. Dex often asks for "Quade come too..." Like if we are going down the slide or playing at a play place or something. Most of the time Quade is down but there is the occasional time where he is not interested and screams when Dex grabs his hand to come along. So cute! We decided it was time for these two monsters to share a room! They got the hang of it real fast, for the going to bed part but the mornings were really brutal for about 2 weeks. Our days were starting at 6:30, ouch! Now we are back to the 6:30pm bed time and they get up about 8am. Please neer change!!!  I think they love sharing, We love it. When they wake up they just sit and talk to each other or jump on their beds, till we get in there. Or if Dex goes down before Quade, he always asks where he is. I love them! Plus when they first started sharing, at like 4am, we will hear dex, who had woken up for a sec and see Quade sleeping there and start talking to him. "Quade... Hi Quade...Quade...Quade... Hi Quade..." Thankfully he doesn't wake him up and just dozes back off. Oh brotherly love! 

Happy birthday baby boy! Quade is such a gift. He smiles and laughs at everything and has the sweetest personality. He loves to walk and is most definitely a mover and shaker! He has mastered the stairs, well 90% of the time. He is so tall. Has 1 molar. When he gets mad, he screams at the world, it is so funny, he is literally telling you off in baby jabber. Dexter loves him to pieces. We love him SO much and he is a great brother!

We love you so much Quade and are so blessed to have you in our family!