Tuesday, September 8, 2009

29 weeks!

29 weeks! 

So we are getting close! We went to the doc today and everything is looking great! We start going to her every 2 weeks, which is a little crazy that we are getting that close!  

The crib is a forever process! We are half way done, well kinda. We are saving the 2 big pieces for last, so of course neither of us want to do them. It will be fun to see if Matt can remember how to put it all back together. The nursery is going to be so cute! But we are so excited that we only have 10 weeks left!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wow Busy!

Hello everyone! It has been forever! Ok so our life has been crazy crazy. Here is a quick over view of the last month. (The pictures are SO out of order but you can get the drift.)
-Matt finished his very busy and intense summer semesters with amazing grade! Way to go babe, I love you.
-Dex is doing great. getting bigger and bigger. the belly (I hate that word) is when we were 25 weeks so I am much fatter now. There is nothing like feeling you stomach touch you thighs when you sit. We are in the 3rd trimester and getting closer. We are sooo excited. Everything is coming together, the crib is close to finished. And we get to start getting the nursery together in our new place. Pictures to come. 
-We went on the best vacation with my parents, all over Montana. Love you mom and dad.
 -First stop was Bozeman with my brother too. We got to visit my uncle Del, Susan and of course Max and Gena (the giant dogs that we love) those dogs are pretty amazing and so much fun and definitely part of the family. Max is the smaller one, but is older and Gena is only 8 months and is much bugger then Max. He is definitely a puppy and still learning, he picked my designer shoes, out of all the shoes out, to chew on. Luckily we got them in time to save. Matt, my Dad and Del all went camping over night somewhere in the mountains, they had so much fun. We also picked berries for syrup and jam. Then we made the trip to Yellow Stone which is always fun. We got to see some buffalo and elk really close up. Also got to se some random geyser explode which was cool.  We all had such a good time visiting Del and Susan!
-Then the next stop was Big Sandy, well actually about 15 miles outside, to visit my aunt Ann and Bob on the 3500 acre organic farm. That was truly amazing. I dont know how they have so much energy! We got to go out and shoot prairie dogs (matts fav activity) The tour of the farm was amazing! they have everything you can imagine growing and it all tastes so good. They are amazing!
-Next was Great Falls where we saw my aunt Kay and Lynn. It is funny bc my two aunts live and hour and a half apart and are in the same stake. There we could only stay a day and we saw the Lewis and Clark museum which was so interesting! It was great to see them.
-Oh and b4 Montana I got to go to Texas to see Christine and Jonathan off to Croatia. I am really going to miss her and miss being able to call her when ever I want but they re going to have a great time! 

Ok so now we are in a new place, we were sad to leave the other place but we found this one and it is almost 200 squ ft bigger and lots cheaper. We really like it. Everything is not bran new like our old place but we still really like it. Thank you dad for fixing all the issues! And mom for picking up the slack moving, since I was useless! And thank you to both moms for cleaning and adopting my OCD for a day! Pictures to come. 

Great Falls
Dressing up at the L&C museum

Ann and Bobs place

Max and Gena
Yellow Stone

The boys camping

Picking berries

On our way to Mt I got to visit an old friend Cara.
At the Temple
Love these kids!

25 Weeks