Monday, October 27, 2008

Still in Dallas

I am so sick of traveling! i have been in texas for a week and fly back today. i am so excited! i feel like i just got back from Chicago when i needed to leave for dallas. i am so grateful for the opportunity to travel with Terani but i can not wait to see Matt tonight!! I have a nice break of markets over the holidays, then start up again in January for Dallas, then Vegas, then Atlanta...

So i have been doing these markets for 7 years now which after the first day of market, i swear that i will never do it again. so i suffer through the following 3 days and usually when i leave the forth day i think to myself, "never doing that again,"  Then i get a pay check and the process starts all over for the next market. 

This market, i went to a showroom that i had worked in about 7 years ago at one of my second or third markets ever. well i really really don't like this particular showroom, but this is where Terani is located so i was stuck in the showroom i hate. So after the first hour i was thinking to myself "Never doing this again" But i really did mean it. Then i heard someone yell my name from behind me and jump on me. It turn out that one of my best friends Annette was modeling for the showroom as well. Just a little bit about Annette, we have been good friends since we were 14 years old and have way way way to many stories and embarrassing facts about each other.  

So it turns out that this was an awesome market because i had someone i knew there with me to goof off with. We have only modeled together in the same showroom once when we were 17 and had a blast. So when i was changing into my first dress, annette looked at me in front of everyone and said, "wow sher, i have not seen you naked in a long time." oh to have that 17 year old body again. it was pretty funny though.

The key to market: take someone you love with you. thats why this time was fun and chicago was awesome too. think matt want to play dress up for 4 days straight? 

Well i am not spell or grammar checking this because my mom and i are off to buy samples! hopefully i can find something cool for matt!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Impulsive Much...

Ok so last Sunday Matt and I were sitting on the couch watching tv, bored, when we decided to look on KSL for kittens just for fun... so now we have one. Impulsive much? I know. But she is the most adorable thing ever. Matt even loves her! She gets so cuddly and cute and then when she plays she is a crazy cat! it is so much fun!

We are not supposed to have pets... so it is a big secret!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Chicago is amazing! At the beginning of this month I went to Chicago with Terani Couture, it was so much fun! The best part is that my sister Kim came with. Its to bad that by the end of the of the day we were so tired from being in heals and on our feet all day, that we really did not want to do much at night. This company is great to work for they take care of everything and take us out to nice dinners! Matt was so jealous. He really wanted to come. but he decided he would rather come when we go to Vegas. I missed him alot but had lots of fun with the girls.Kim looked so hot in this dress and this is the dress I had to put on about 100 times.

Matching party dresses.

Benny and Robert, our sugar daddy's for the weekend and the guys who run the showroom.
What were they thinking when they made these?
KIM~~ I had so much fun with you! It has been a while since we have been around each other without husbands or kids. It was so much fun laughing, goof off and working together. At least I will know where to look next time you loose a nipple sticky. :) I love you so much and am so glad we are sisters! You are the strongest and most compassionate person I know. And man, what a hot bod for a mother of two! I love you.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Things Found at the Airport

People that are lost and running.
Parent who let their kids wear anything they want.
The most amazing outfit!
The man who wears a cowboy hat and his loving wife who supports him.

A Hawaiian print shirt ... in Chicago.
The tallest pilot ever.
A cute old man ever holding a womans purse... and no wife in sight.

I have no life... I know! I was siting in the airport taking pictures of unsuspecting people.