Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We are having...

A BOY! and could not be more happy!
We were kinda expecting that but are still SO excited! Everything looks great and healthy, 10 fingers and toes, plus a way cute profile of this little guy! I guess it is feeling more real that we are having another baby.

Matts first comment after the news, "Oh good, it is not a girl. So I can hopefully get, at least one more baby out of you."

Nice babe!

Pictures are coming I promise!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In a nut shell...

In a nut shell:
*We visited Texas and had a blast
*We bought a car, love it.
*My mom drove it to California for us and swore she would never make that drive again. Mom, Thanks so much for all your help! We love you!
*We moved to a cute apt. in Irvine.
*Matt started his new job and seems to like it, so far.
*Then moved out of that apt. due to inconsiderate neighbors. Oh the joys of apt. living.
*Moved into another apt. that seams great so far. Thank you so much to Matts bros and church folk for all your help!
*Are slowly but surely meting people and making friends! Hopefully i can break into the irvine moms click.
*Still am not completely unpacked... oops.
*found a new baby doc, who I really like! But he looks exactly like this actor who plays a perv and creepo on law and order and svu, so it kinda threw me off a little.
*Found out we have to have a C section with this one. Interesting. Mom are you ready for a nice long visit?
*We find out the sex on tue!
*Dex can walk with one of those walker toys, i can not believe how big he is. I am right here and i feel like i am missing it.

And i think that is it, i am sure i have left alot out...! life is SO crazy right now i can hardly keep up! Good thing i am married to the love of my life! and Dex is pretty amazing too!

Pictures and walking videos to come!