Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ok so the boys are sleeping in the same room now. At least, we start out that way, at about 4 am Quade is in the bassinets because we are to lazy to take him back in there. It has been going great and when Quade wakes up to eat, Dex doesn't even move. (so far) Accept for the night that Matt and I were SO tired that by the time we woke up to noise, both boys were screaming. Oops.
Anyways, so they are in the same room. Why is it that I totally feel left out? What? Its like they are in there partying or something. No, they are just sleeping, I absolutely should not be feeling like this. So After feeling like I was not invited to the party, for 3 nights now, I finally looked at Matt and said "I totally feel left out" and Matt was feeling the same way! It made me feel better! But then Quade wakes up to nurse and I cant even move because I am so tired, I remember that it just might be ok to be left out!

Oh and 2 years ago today, at about this time, we found out we were pregnant with Dex. And Matt was on him way to get a pregnancy test with words so there would be no mistakes!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Night

Its a big night around here! We got the boys room finally put together with both cribs all situated. We had Quade's crib in the living room while we tested him in it and he always did great for his long stretch of the night.
Not only is Quade in his crib tonight but both boys are sleeping in the same room! We will see how it goes, I am sure that for the first stretch of the night they will be fine (They have been great so far and it is 11pm) After that Quade may end up back in the swing or bassinet. But we are well on our way to sharing a room.

Matt and I actually were feeling a little sad tonight when we finally made the decision to put Quade in there. Is he really that old? He just doesnt feel like a new born any more. I guess that feeling never lasts long when you have such big babies to start with. Time really does fly and we cant believe how much we love Quade.

Dex insisted on holding Quade while he was watching Curious George. Every time I picked up Quade, Dex signed more it was sooo cute.

We had an issue at Nordstrom. We ended up spending way too long at the mall the other day. Dex totally peed out his diaper. We felt like such bad parents for not realizing how long we had been out and about. So when I was doing the emergency diaper changed he peed all over the Nordstrom fitting room bench. I had to use his, already peed on shirt, to clean up the pee on the bench. So he was topless, in Nordstrom, till we could buy a new shirt.

P.S. to my previous post: We were walking around the mall the other day and while we were at Crate and Barrel, Matt and I finally looked at each other and said "Why is everyone looking at us?!" And we looked down and Dexter was sitting there waving at everyone passing by. Oh man, we love him!

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Friendly One Year Old.

Oh man! Dexter has no fear of strangers! It doesn't matter who you are or if you even like kids, Dex will find a way to get you to engage with him! He has realized that if he waves or blows kisses at complete strangers that they will give him attention. Lots of attention. It makes running errands interesting. We get stopped a lot for the unsuspecting stranger to respond to Dexter's air kiss. It usually goes like this "Oh thank you, how cute, look at those cheeks." Then they see Quade and say "Wow you have your hands full." Yeah, I know and literally, I have my hands full so lets get a move on. And then on to the next one.
So when we leave the house this is usually what we look like. Dex is a great walker/runner and that is why i still have to hold him quite a bit. He gets very distracted with flowers, dirt and basically anything that we pass. It makes walking to the car a 10+ min activity. So we go 2 at a time.
Does this picture say desperation or what? I must look pretty pathetic because i have had 3 neighbors (who i don't know, including an 80 year old woman who didn't speak english) help me down the stairs and to my car. It makes for some interesting conversation. I love Quade's face in this picture.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Life as we know it.

Life is busy that is forsure!

I feel like the Boys are both growing and getting bigger every minute! Dexter is on the verge of talking, I cant believe it! Wow, was his first word. I guess we must say that one alot. He is still signing more, please and milk. But he is starting to put sounds with them. Now when he signs more and says "Mo." I just cant believe how much he is growing and changing. You think with all he understands these days that he would get NO but we are still working on that one.

Dex is totally fascinated with Quade. He likes to sit next to him, sometimes on him and he gets this big cheesy grin. We were all playing "This little piggy" one of Dex's Favorites and instead of wanting me to do it to him, he just wanted me to help me do it to Quade. So cute.

Quade is such an easy baby. Man that kid loves to be held, which was fun at first (dex is not a cuddler) but now it getting a little excessive. Oh man, his smile is adorable! We are working really hard with his neck but I am thinking we will need physical therapy but we will see. We are starting sleep training as soon as we get his crib (next week) so hopefully we will ALL be getting quality sleep soon!

This was Matt and I's conversation in the middle of the night the other night.
S: what is that?Is that your pillow?
M: What?
S: You are on my side.
M: No you are on my side of the bed.
S:No look at your stupid knee pillow, it is on my side of the bed.
M:Look at your feet they are on my side.
S:I am sooo tired, We need a king sized bed!
M: yeah but not now
S: Then get off my side of the bed.
M: You are on my side.
I have ben campaigning for a king for a long time, I just need Matt to spring for it.... how many more of these late night spats do we need?

Love this face!

Love this face! Quade smiles all the time, all you have to do is look at him!
And i checked the other day, Quade is one pound bigger then Dexter was at this age.
I love the rolls and double chins, tooo cute!

Geese getting Quades burps out is hard work, it takes everyones help.

My best friends Lindsey Beck came in town for a few days. They spent the first few days at Disney Land and then we took them to Balboa Island. It was sooo fun to see her. Dex loves strangers. The first time he saw her, he walked out of his room and Linds goes "Hi dex, can I have a hug?" and he jumped into her arms with no hesitation. It was pretty funny!

Plus it was a fun date night for us too.

Ok so here are Dexter's 2 loves: Betty (the pacifier) and Cow. There will be no naps or sleeping of any kind with out them. We try to only let him have them for sleeping occasions. But when ever he is not feeling well these are necessities to get through the day!

To cool for school!

A little Irish luck!
On St. Patrick's Day, Sprinkles had there green velvet cupcakes, so some friends and I decided it was a great occasion to partake. And boy were they delicious!

We were trying to get a picture of Dex holding the cupcake...

Yeah, there was no time for a picture apparently, only time to eat it!

Here are some of Dex's little friends, it was pretty hard to get them all to sit next to eachother and look one way... this is the best we got. I would say we did a pretty good job

One of these days we should get a picture of all the moms...

Matt came and joined us, and yeah all dex can think about is more cupcakes!

Which baby is which...?
It was finally cold enough around here to get a little bundled up.

Oh man I love all of the boys in my life!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Family Fun!

We went with some friends to Downtown Disney for the night and had some delicious dinner. Quade slept the whole time and Dex had lots of energy! Who knew bubbles (as Dex says it "bub") and fountains could be so awesome?! We all had a blast! Here are some pics from the grand event, taken by Belize

This is Eve, one of dex's little friends, he is always so excited to see her, ( He calls her Ee ) and Belize for that matter. It was so funny to watch them run around.

Oh we love those cheeks!

Monday, March 14, 2011

More pictures!

We have smiles! And we think they are on purpose...
More pics from when the fam was here.

Everyone playing in the sand!

Love this picture, he looks sooo round!

Dont worry all the other kids were scared of the birds but Dex couldnt wait to get his hands on it! He even made the owners nerves he would grab a handful of feathers.

I got in trouble for snapping this picture during the prayer but look how cute!

We are not sure where he found this box of tampons but they were a great toy for a while.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Quade's blessing was so great! We had lots of family here with us to enjoy the moment. Also thanks to skype, all the Utah Family was able to join us as well!

Dex is really good at finding noses these days!

Yeah this looks painful but there was not actual collision. Dex was trying to give Quade a headbutt. We decided we play kinda rough with dex, which he loves but how do you teach a 1 year old discretion? :)

We are not sure why but dex loves to rub quades head and when we are yelling "SOFT" he puts his hand like "Why?" I love quade's face in this picture he is like, "Really"

The Joys of Grandma.
And the amazing books that she brings. Grandma came with lots of new books for new entertainment (and desperate moments) But this is one of his favs. Dex can hardly pic it up but he loves to carry it around the house.
And then Grandpa FINALLY was able to come and visit! (More pics from that week to come)
Ok so we took this picture in a random moment and I love it. Matt is my absolute favorite!