Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quick Update!

We went to the doctor today! Everything looks great! Baby (Phoebe or Phoebo) is healthy and strong. All my lads look great and I am 4 pounds fatter, we are making progress. Other then that it was kind of uneventful. 

We are dying to know what we are having! According to the Chinese Lunar Calender we are having a girl, but we both want a boy... But we are excited either way. We just think that we will save more money if it is a boy, because i wont go crazy shopping, but i probably will either way. Everyone put "boy" energy into the universe for us :)  

I am going home at the beginning of June for market (probably the last one for a while, unless i sell) We were really hoping that we would know what we were having, so that i could buy the sample designer baby clothes for cheap. Maybe we will cave and get one of those 3D things. 

We got this adorable vintage crib on ksl, it is so cute! We are going to sand it and refinish it! I cant wait to see what it looks like when we are done with it. We got it early enough that we have time to start, get bored, stop and finish b4 the baby actually gets here, perfect!

Pictures coming soon!  


Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Baby Mama!!!

Just to start out, this is Matt, not Sheri.

On this Mother's day I have been thinking a lot about my amazing wife and how lucky I am.  She is going to be the best mom any kid could ever have.  She already is the best wife I could have ever imagined.  As unplanned as this next step in our lives is, I am so glad that I have Sheri by my side.  I love you more than anything Sheri and I can't wait for all of our future memories together. Happy Future Mother's Day!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok folks, I need a hobby! I am for sure not the craftiest person alive but I want to be more "crafty." I know how to crochet but don't really like it... So I am open. Well here are a few stipulations: it cant take forever, because I loose interest fast! And it cant cost a lot :) oh and cant involve cooking, i am hopeless in that area. 

Please, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

I NEED a hobby!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Anniversary and First Baby Visit!

We have officially been married 1 year! It has gone by so fast! We had so much fun this weekend! Matt made all the plans and it was perfect! We went to Salt Lake, where we got pedicures at this adorable little salon. Then we went out to eat at Flemming's, and it was amazing! The steak was delicious (obviously) and the mash potatoes were to die for! Then after that we went and saw the Joseph Smith movie, which was really good. It is always fun to go to Temple Square.  After that we went to a really nice hotel, The Little America, where we enjoyed some amazing room service dessert! In the morning, they have this fabulous buffet. It was so so good but we decided that we are not good buffet eaters, we just can't sit and eat for hours, we get tired! We had so much fun. 
Matt is truly amazing! This really has been the best year ever! I am so lucky to be married to him!

So we had our first doc visit, it took so long! Everything is great, they bumped our date up a few days. I really like my doctor and I was so glad that Matt got to meet her. We got to hear the heart beat which was really cool and super fast. Everything was good and we got a picture which Matt was stoked for! And then i had to get a PAP smear, with Matt in the room, that was cool. The best news (other than everything is healthy) is that I can take Ibuprofen till 20 week, which will provide some relief to the headaches. The doctor answered all of our questions and sent us on our way for 4 more weeks. I can not believe we are close to finding out the sex! it could possible be at our next visit!

Oh the best part, not... was when the doc was giving me my exam she said "Oh you already have a baby belly."  Like anyone really wants to hear that, pregnant or not. plus can't you say the word "bump" instead of "belly" come on who wants to hear they have a belly? I am actually excited to show or feel something because tis still doesn't feel quite real yet.

Here is the baby, you can actually see it! Crazy, it looks like an actual baby! we think it looks a little bored...

And here is that belly she was talking about. This is at the end of our first trimester. And i totally have a shirt on, it just got cut out.