Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Slowly but surely I am getting caught up here. August was busy and hot! 

We went to the dentist.

 And swam.
This kid loves to float and put his head all the way back in the water, such a crack up.

A Cara and her fam came to visit from Austin. Let me just say Dexter loves Cara.  He just told me the other day that he wants a little sister and wanter to name her Cara. To funny.

We also went to Jack Carter for family night. Its crazy that I went there as a little kid.

What is it about summer, swimming, and sun that makes you want In and Out like every day?

I love babies in onsies!! 

We even hit up Hawaiian Falls. The boys were in heaven and so was I. I love water parks! The boys were totally into it and loved the slides! Dex went down the big slides over and over again. We had so much fun! We are so glad the Hainlines came too! 

We finally talked the lifeguard into letting us go down the big slide with Quade and he loved it!  So we went down over and over with him and then I let him go on his own. Man worst mom ever, he was freaked! But the over all night was a total blast! 

 Just a few reasons why I freakin love these boys! 
Love them!

Hot date. Dinner and then the grocery store. But we did finally find a Thai place that is as good as Bangcok.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big Bruce.

On July 5 2012 we lost Matt's dad Bruce, to a long battle with Parkinson's Disease. We got the news the last day that Brad and Shari were here and we were so glad that we were all together as we found out. There are no words to explain the sorrow we felt from loosing this amazing man. We know that he is happy, being freed from this mortal body that failed him and we know there was a great family reunion up there, as he returned home to out loving Heavenly Father. It has been so hard watching Matt and his family go through this trial. When Matt and I got married, Bruce had already been battling this trial for about 7 years. I am so sad that I didnt get to know him as well as the other in laws had a chance, and I am so sad that our children will not be able to know the Big Bruce that loved sweets so much. But I am so grateful for the Gospel and the knowledge that families are forever. 
We love you bruce and miss you terribly.  

The funeral was absolutely beautiful. I loved hearing all the wonderful stories about Bruce. It was such a spiritual time as we were there to rejoice in his amazing life full of service and greatness.

We did have a wonderful time being together as a family and celebrating Bruce. Here are a few pictures from the week.

The boys, all dressed for the funeral. 

Todd was a little nervous about having our crazy boys around his leg. And rightfully so, as they bumped or jumped on him. Oh man do these boys love Uncle Todd.

We love Aunt Ha.
And of course we had to hit up some of the fav places to eat!!
Yumm Cafe Rio.
Zupas, please come to Texas, 

The neighbor's trampoline was a big hit with all the kids.

Bridal Veil Falls was so much fun. We love utah and all the nature. It was so fun exploring out there and the boys absolutely loved it. It was freezing though!

This really cool park with a 35 ft pyramid to climb. Hello, give me a heart attach! I am so glad the boys couldnt make it very high! 

The cousins are all in there, somewhere. 

Timpanogas Temple. Always beautiful.

And it was so fun to catch up with old friends!
Emily and I have known eachother forever and I love her! 
Love the Fussels! Wish we lived closer!! 
My Aunt Susan and Uncle Del, stopped as they drove through from Montana, I love then and wish they would move back to Texas. 

 Oh Kent and Liz, we miss you guys!! We are so glad you came back from your trip early to see us.

Dex and Will were fast friends.

On the way there we did not have a seat for Q on the way there and it was the longest flight of our lives!! So we were sure to bring his seat with us on the way back! 
We are so grateful for Bruce and Joanne and the wonderful family that they raised and the chance to spend time with everyone all in one spot.