Friday, November 6, 2009

Mourning The Loss!

So lately i have been totally morning the loss! The loss of my body. It will never be the same!! I am so done being pregnant, and done getting fat! I dont even look a the scale anymore when we go to the doc. I turn around and say " Dont tell me unless there is a problem." I am SO glad that this baby is healthy and strong and has gone full term but... Yeah sure, I know I can totally loose the weight... But my body will never be the same, my abs will never, my boobs will never, it will never be the same. Everyone keeps saying, "Its ok, It is totally worth it" Well considering we dont have kids yet, I am sorry, but i dont believe you! But i am sure i will in 2 weeks or so... I just dont think my body can stretch anymore!

Less then 20 days! it better be less... Last week I had a couple contraction and we were thinking it was a good sign, but then nothin this week so we will see... The doc said that we are ready, that Dex has dropped and head is in the birth canal, so that is a good sign!