Friday, July 22, 2011

Before we go...

... we have hit up the beach alot. Oh man, we are going to miss the beach.
The boys just LOVE the beach, we all LOVE the beach.

If he only knew that the bird was right behind him.

It was just a little cold for Quade. Dex does not care how cold it is he just bolts for the water.
Quade was a quick convert to the beach, he was instantly in love. Plus i love that you can see Dex and Matt in the background.
We even joined some friends. Thanks Hallstroms, for joining us. We had lots of fun.

I tried to get dex and evan to take a pic for me, neither were interested.

Oh man, they always have way to much fun in the sand!

The Stars at Night...

...Are Big and Bright, Deep in the Heart of Texas.

We are moving to Austin! Matt got a promotion/relocation. We are really excited! But actually we are really sad too. It is definitely a bitter/sweet move! As we were looking for houses in the 100 degree weather, we were really, really hesitant and thought about not going at all... Then we found the most perfect house that is 1700 sqft, with 3 bedrooms and a bonus room, for a little over half our rent here.... then we felt better.

We are ALWAYS down for a new adventure!


Family Reunions!

We have had all kinds of family reunions going on! Lets start with Matts family in Utah. We had 32 Hansons in one house, it was quite the place to be. Unfortunately I forgot the camera alot of the time. Boo!

We went to the Tracy Aviary. It was really cool to see all the birds! Dex thought it was awesome for the show and the First 45 min, then he was done and ready for a nap.

I love quades face below it cracks me up.

Spent time playing with the hose. It didnt take Dex long to figure out how to use it!

Uncle Ryan came to visit from Montana! He joined in on the Hanson family fun and game marathon. We had so much fun with him and are glad he came down!
I finally got Ryan to hold Quade for a sec while i put my hair up. Ryan has a firm policy: No holding kids till they can control their bodily functions. He was waving Quade back and forth and Quade thought it was the funniest thing.
And Ryan took them on a crazy stroller ride. Aunts and Uncles are the best!

This was at the Hanson family reunion, Dex loves basketball.

Forth of July was so fun! Some idiot made ariels legal in Utah this year. As fun as they were, i was just waiting for an accident. Dex thought they were fascinating as long as they kept going...and Quade slept.
Finally the day we left we realized we had not taken very many pics, so we quickly grabbed a few.

Look at that face!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lets talk about June...

Wow it was a whirl wind of a month! So here is an update on June! I cant believe that another month has come and gone! These boys are growing up tooo fast!

Lets start with the Tim McGraw concert! Matt surprised me with tickets (I had been dropping some major hints) We had so much fun! Matt is such a stud, he knew maybe 2 songs (he is not such a country fan) and was a little embarrassed that I sang along with every song! One of the best things about the night, my friend Belize watched the kids, so we didnt have to worry about them at all and I could just enjoy Tim in tight jeans :)

That right, look out those beautiful Cowboy boots! Matt loves them. Not, he likes them best in the garage but this seemed like a worthy occasion.
We had a blast and I think that Tim Mcgraw was even better live!

I think we have a problem... Quade had just gotten out of the bath so his hair was extra poofy but man, that back hair ALWAYS sticks straight up! Good thing he is so dang cute!

Dexter also had his 18 month check up. He is one growing boy!
Dex weighs 28.8 lbs. and he is 33 inches tall. And dex is talking more and more every day. He is defiantly keeping us on our toes, to say the least!

Quade just makes me smile all day long, for 2 days straight he had his little tongue sticking out just like this. It totally cracked us up!

This kid is a boob snob! Wont eat anything unless it is from my person and will only take a bottle from Matt. Cool. This was an attempt at rice cereal...

Sunday best.
Out with the old and in with the new! We finally found a new cow on line (Thank you Aunt Chris) We ordered one asap. Actually we are keeping both so if we loose one, we are still ok.

Dex successfully finished his first set of swim lessons! He is a blowing bubbles pro. This was his last day of class when they got to go down the water slide, he did great! Getting him switched into the swim diaper always was a problem, since the kid would rather be naked.

Brotherly love.

We did have one very horrible day! We started like this.
After a long clingy, grumpy morning. Dex had a nap and woke up for lunch that ended like this...

And after another nap the day turned out great with this sweet face! I am glad the crappy day did not last long!

We all heart the bouncer. Quade LOVES it ,since he would rather sit or stand then lay. But when I do lay him down he roles everywhere, we are now mobile! And Dex acts like this is a brand new toy. He loves that he can climd in and out all by himself.