Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer plus 14 weeks!

14 weeks!

love them!

Dex is obsessed with water when ever we want to take a picture he wont stop looking at the water because all he wants to do is be in it!

Summer has been great! Plus we have had lots of Matt time which is the best part!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh the joys of pregnancy!

Not! Still so sick and zofran is an amazing drug but i am getting pretty bad headaches with it. I am not sure which is worse.... So super tired all the time! Good thing i have an amazing husband!

So we went to the doc this week and everything is looking great. I have been on "low activity" for the past 6 weeks. Which means no heavy lifting or working out... we basically ignored that because lets face it, Dexter is definitely heavy lifting. So at this ultrasound they checked for the hemorrhage again and it was all healed, so now we are officially lifted from low activity. In the ultrasound they said it was looking like another boy but it is still a little early to tell, so we will wait for the official word in a few weeks. Not really showing yet but have definitely gained 5 pounds. I am hoping i gain through out this pregnancy. Rather then with dex, i gained 10 pounds till i was 6 months pregnant then after that 30, Cool.

Here is baby #2.

Dexter is basically the cutest!
All he wants to do these days is stand and try to walk! which is funny because he doesnt really crawl. He only really crawls for like 6 steps and then drops down and army crawls the rest of the way. But dont underestimate him, he is fast! Now that he is pulling himself up on EVERYTHING there is no leaving him unattended to play. Its so funny, when ever he starts to clap or pulls him self up on something, looks around for who was looking and starts to laugh. We love him to bits!

This was the start of all the standing. We had to block him in with chairs.

This was the very first time he pulled him self up on the couch, So proud of himself!

Dex loves to climb on us, especially Matt!

So here is one of his first battle scars, he was trying to stand and fell on the zipper of my bag. It looks like wolverine got him.

So we have been watching the Shield lately, great show but intense! And in the middle of the night after watching this scary, sad, violent show, we always want to scoop dex up and cuddle him, so we do, it always makes us feel better.

We usually pick him up in the night and cuddle him because when he is awake, sitting still long enough to cuddle is not on his list of things to do.

Oh and we floated the Prover river. SO cold and it started to rain in the first 10 min. but after that it was way fun!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Wow! So guess what.... We are Pregnant!!! again... We are so excited but totally shocked! We are Due Jan 26. So I am 12 weeks. So hopefully I start feeling better very soon! This pregnancy is about 100 times worse then dex's so needless to say I am ready for the second trimester! The doc gave me the good meds (Zolphran) so I am feeling like a functional person again.

Matt is sooooo close to graduating, we are so excited!

On the other hand, dex is huge! He is the cutest! This is what we have been up too...

Love for the bath!
loves the bath!


Growing 2 teeth, with more on the way!
2 seconds away from crawling. I cant even keep track of him!
Driving ferraris.

Sleeping with Butts in the air.

Pool fun!

Sitting all by himself in the cart!
Going to the doc.
Just chillen.