Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Ok so i totally forgot to post this and came across the picture today and thought i would share!

This happened when Dexter was 2 weeks old! Crap shot across the room 3 feet to land on the door! SICK!! I jumped out of the way and screamed just in time! Although it probably would have been easier to clean off of me, rather the door and carpet... My mom came running in the room and saw what had happened, laughed and said "Um I will take dex down stairs while you clean this up." I was traumatized and Matt was at school...

Who would have thought someone this cute could be SO gross?

Friday, April 23, 2010

What's New!

Dexter is 5 months old! I cant believe it! He is SO big and ever changing. This is whats new!
This was Easter. The easter bunny brought Dex a super soft cow stuffed animal for easter. Matt named it Holy.

He is huge! The first time we put him in this swing you could barely see him, he was so tiny. Now his feet are hanging over the edge and he can reach the mobil.

He has gone from brown hair...
to blonde! So cute! And he is rolling all over the place! He goes from front to back and back to front, he now knows how to get to where he wants to go! And we definitely can not keep him on his tummy now that he knows he can just flip over.

Dex loves to STAND! He does not want to sit or lay, he only wants to stand!


We started solid foods and he loves it! We just started yams. Yum.

On a side note, I am working for F E R A R R I now! So fun. I did the F errari Challenge in Tooele the other weekend and they asked me to travel with them and help them out at a couple more F errari Challenges around the country. We will be in San Francisco next weekend. I love it, it is so much fun! I will be gone from Matt and Dexter for 2 nights! I have never been away from them both over night! Good luck Matt!
Part of the Crew.
(Please ignore my disgusting slouch)

I got to test drive the California on the Miller Race Track. When the guy was showing me how to drive it on the track, I was totally getting car sick from going so fast and taking such sharp turns. When it was my turn, i was totally a chicken! But i did get it up to 110 mph! Jealous Matt, informed me that it was not that fast. Next time babe you will get to drive too!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

California Fun!

So we went to San Clemente this weekend for a much needed break and family fun! We got to stay at Shari's family beach house, which is always amazing! Thanks you Shari! And Spent some much needed time at the beach! Dexter loved it, well we want him too, but he was pretty skeptical of the whole situation. We had so much fun, it was really hard to come back to real life!

I cant tell you how good I felt about myself as I was trying on bathing suits for matt, he goes "Wow babe we really need to get to the beach." Thanks babe!
As you can tell by matts (pasty white :)) face, that the water was really cold.

Um, they are the cutest!!
Jakob and Joshy were so cute, they always wanted to hold Dexter.
Cousin Love!

We went for a walk down the pier. It was so nice, till it started to rain.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Favorite Things!

Our trip to texas is below this one, so scroll down :)

New Favorite Things!


Chewing on everything!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Texas Fun!

Ok so i was horrible at taking pictures this visit to texas, horrible but here are a few and there are more to come and an update on Dex!

So we went to the Dallas Arboretum. it was so fun to see all the spring flowers and the weather was perfect. We got off to a good start, right when we walked in dex had a massive explosion. So we stripped him down naked in the grass and got him all cleaned up and then where on our way.

I just love these kids, they are the best!

They had 2 different ideas on which way to go.
Ya dont worry dexter's head is bigger then maddison's, its cool. And he is half her size.

So dex discovered his toes while we were there.

Dexter talks, alot!
Dex's new favorite toy! to bad it is at grandmas house!

Park fun

Great friends~ Guys we had so much fun! Way toooo much fun!

Oh my gosh it was so fun to watch Maddison and James with Dex! He thought they were hilarious! And they played so great together! He had so much fun just watching them run around! They always calls him "Baby dex" so cute.
dex is super happy in the morning so everyone came in to play.
I am not sure if grandma will ever babysit again! She had all the grand kids for the first day of market and dex was being difficult. It was quite the adventure for everyone involved! Thanks again mom and dad!

So this was at the airport on my way home and yes i look tired! After a week without matt and market, and the fun of being home, i was so so tired. Some nice man thought i looked really tired to and when i was at the gate he walked up to me and said "since you are traveling with you baby, alone, would you like my first class ticket? it will give you a little extra room?" i just looked at him and said "Are you serious? i think i am going to cry" It was so nice. I can not believe he would do that. i just kept saying, thank you thank you and matt even went up to him at baggage claim and told him thanks again. i just cant believe his generosity! I would never give up a first class ticket, not even to a desperately tired looking woman and her baby. Lets all take a lesson.

Thank you Generous stranger, that made my day!

Mom and Dad, Thank you so much for everything! We had so much fun! dont forget we beat you in pinocle twice! We cant thank you enough, we really needed a break from life! you guys are great!