Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy Days

Ok here is a quick update!
35 Weeks! We are so close, we can hardly wait! We go to the doc every week now and let me tell you, I am SO done being pregnant! So this last week when we went I said to our doc, "Heather, I am so done being pregnant..." and she gave me this really sad look and said "Oh i know, is there anything I can do?" All I could think to myself is, Well yeah there is something you can do! This baby is always always in my ribs! I can hardly sit for more then an hour, then i am done. He is obviously done too because he starts to move a ton which is even more uncomfortable.
We had another ultrasound and we were so excited accept we couldnt really see anything! It was like shoving your face up against glass. The lady was like "Ok here is his head" and matt and I were thinking, where? well the whole picture was his head! We did get to see that he has alot of hair. And I am measuring big (Joy) and to deliver a week early. So Nov. 18, Please! But anywhere from now and then would be fine :)
I have started to have some contractions but nothing really, just enough to be super uncomfortable.

The Serias

Who we love! I grew up with these girls and they are so much fun! Carissa just had a little boy and he has been so much fun to practice on!

Welcome Winter!

Matt is so cute!

Thriller!! Just the other night we went to the Odyssey Theaters, performance of Thriller in Salt Lake. SOOO much fun! It was so good, It is always fun to do Halloween things! The best part, we had to park about a mile away and don't worry, as we were about half way there it starts to SNOW! It was actually really fun to walk up there and play in the snow. (I was secretly hoping that the walk + snow + maybe if i tripped a little, I would go into labor but NO)
We have a daily debate on if we should turn on the heater or not. I say NOT but poor matt is freezing these days. What a great husband!

Puckett's absolute favorite place to sleep! We have to close the door to Dex's room so that she will come and sleep with us. (Pictures of the nursery are coming soon)

4 years at Carrabbas! Way to go Matt! (He is not so proud of that) The company took us to Flemming's to celebrate. Matt was in heaven, we ordered so much food, it was amazing!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So I was cleaning today and found this notepad my sister gave me. On the top of the pad it says

"Inside me is a thin woman screaming to get out...
...I can usually keep the bitch quite with chocolate."

Welcome to my life these days!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mini Golf

Mini Golf! Always fun! I am not sure why Matt picked the smallest putter, but he got 2 hole-in-ones with it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well I have decided that we are not going back to the temple till after the baby is born! (I guess you are not really supposed to in your third trimester any way.) When we went to the temple a couple weeks ago, I had to rent a dress, obviously. Ya know the big ugly ones with the zipper in the front... Well when I walked out Matt said I looked like a "Big Marshmallow" He is so nice :)

So things have been very busy lately! Matt is totally swamped with school and work, but is doing a great job in both areas. We were able to take a little break and head to California for one of Matts best friends weddings. We had so much fun! Well the drive was pretty horrible! We had to drive through the night because Matt couldn't miss class and my parents were in town and we wanted to spend time with them too. Anyways it took us forever to get there! Matt likes to blame it on me but every time we had to stop for a bathroom, he had to go too. Lol It was so fun to hang out with all of his friends! Congrats Brandon and Nicole.

Baby News: Everything is great! He is breech right now, so it is time for him to turn around. We are so so ready for him to get here! The nursery is almost all put together, i just have to make curtains and then we will post pictures. We have finished all the blankets and most sewing project and I will post those too next time. Matt put together the car seat, stroller and we got really excited! We re going to get a 3d ultrasound next week!

32 Weeks

Other than that we are so excited for next month! Holidays, Family and Baby!

Oh and Matt played on a softball team. It was so much fun to watch him play! They got 2nd place! Way to go guys!