Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fear of the Shower!

Ok it all started a couple months ago...

This may be to much information for some people but I think it is kinda funny.

So one of my favorite things to do is sit in the shower and turn the water super hot and just relax in the steam. 

So a couple months ago that is exactly what I was doing. When Matt came home I asked him to  get in with me... I was sitting in there innocently waiting for him to come in...

Well instead of joining his wife in the shower, he thought it would be funny to sneak into the kitchen, get freezing cold water out of the fridge, come back into the bathroom and douse me with it. 

Trust me I defiantly got him back. 

So now since this game has been going on, we have a fear of the shower. I think it is causing serious anxiety. I am paranoid if I don't know where he is when I am showering. Today, he was telling me that he had to rush out of the shower, to get out b4 I got home. 

It is a little out of hand, but don't worry neither one of us will surrender!!   

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Damn you, birth control!

So apparently we are pregnant...

After 3 pregnancy tests, turn out we have a VERY unexpected surprise!

It has been a eventful week... Lets just say we have had some inconsistent months, which should not happen when you are on birth control... well we took a test, just to make sure last month, and it said no, which was a relief... ( but it lied) So this month, still nothing and I was thinking i should go to the doc just to make sure everything was ok. I knew she would ask when the last pregnancy test I took was, so I got one when I was grocery shopping. Well I took it and left it on the counter while I took a shower and Matt came in and said, "what is this supposed to say?" then followed by, " ah babe..." and showed me. Well one of the lines was lighter then the other, so we were thinking, maybe a mistake? So we took another, same thing. Then we decided that we needed one with the word on it and it said pregnant, there is no denying.  
Since we had some inconsistent months, we had an ultrasound on Wednesday to see how far we are and everything looks great. 

Now that some of the shock has worn off, we are getting more and more excited! Matt has always been stoked, I am still adjusting. I am really excited but in no way does my life consist of anything baby friendly! I guess that is why you are pregnant for 9 months, because your life has to completely change! I am so glad that Matt is so so so excited, it really helps!

 And I do not want to get fat!!!

I have been feeling pretty sick, even b4 we found out, but i just though "when was the last time i ate" and stuff so this makes sense... I have been pretty sick though. Let me tell you that working at a sushi restaurant really helps. I was puking in the bathroom during our rush on friday, fun fun. 

Over all we are really excited about our Happy Ooops. Well at least we know that Matts swimmers can get past a goalie. We know it is still so early but we cant keep our moths shut so we decided to post anyways. we go back to the doctor on the 27!