Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Ok so this is my last post about my nasty sickness! As far as recovery has gone it had been pretty brutal. Monday and tuesday were obviously bad but we stayed on top of my meds and it was tolerable. I consistently woke up an hour b4 pain meds time and was way ready for them! So at surgery they put a patch behind my ear to control nausea, only lasts 3 days, well Wednesday morning is when it stopped working and that is when i would say I hit rock bottom. I just kept throwing up and throwing up. It really started Tuesday night and kept on all wednesday. There is nothing like throwing up stomach acid with a raw throat! That was the problem, I could not eat anything so therefor I could not keep the meds down, they put me on zofran, which i have used b4 and usually worked but it did not do anything!
So finally I decided that I needed to stop on the pain meds, to hope to get something in my stomach, to try to keep the meds down. Well try eating something on a raw throat with no pain meds. Yikes. We were so close to heading to the hospital for dehydration but defiantly did not want that so... We slowly got some popsicles and stuff in and then i decided to take a half dose of pain meds. In the end after like 2 days of not pain meds or a little here and there the doc finally called in a less powerful medication, which was fine bc I could not take the other on really anyway. I am sure the doc was regretting giving us his cell :)
Now I am feeling much better and every day is getting better, thank goodness! 
We went to my post op yesterday...yikes! It turns that my tonsils were huge and infected and inflamed, bigger then the size of a golf ball. Seriously, and we almost didnt take them out! Plus they had hundreds of those while tonsil stones in them. So Dr. James said in that area he ended up cutting more then he thought and part of my tonsil was stick to the muscle so there was some damage there too. Which explains more about the pain. 
I still have a dissolvable stint up my nose but he may just take it out next monday. We originally didnt think that I polyps in my sinus, just alot of infection, but once he got in there, thee were tons plus all the infection, I can already tell a huge difference on how I breath and I am only at 50% recovery! 

Is it weird that it makes me feel so much better to know how bad was and how freakin sick I was? It makes getting through the pain SO much better. I am so glad that we went ahead and took out the tonsils and I am so glad we did the surgery! I was so worried bc i knew it was going to cost us money, even though we have good insurance, i felt bad. So it makes me feel way better to know it was that bad! Now i cant wait to heal and hopefully be normal! But my voice is weird, still bc of the swelling and throat muscle stuff, so it will be interesting to see if that is diff too.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

The big day.

So yesterday was the big day! I have has sinus problems and throat problems for as long as I can remember. Starts out w an allergy attack then turns into a sinus infection and that is usually followed by white junk on my tonsils and then I have to go in and get two shots in my hips and whole round of antibiotics and steroids. So after this has been happening , like every other month. Matt made me go to an ENT. IT is just not good to be on all those meds so frequently. 
 Dr. James is awesome and he scoped up my nose and saw a deviated septum and some done spurs and blocked sinus passages. So he then ordered a CT scan of my sinuses. And wouldnt you know... I have had a permanent sinus infection for forever! In the CT, we could actually see the bubbles from the  bacteria breeding in there, so gross!! Plus all the layers of infection. Double gross!
Which explained alot, like why I have sinus infections every other month and why I am tired alot. It actually made me feel better bc despite the fact that I have 2 boys a year apart, I am just so freaking tired all the time.
 And part of it is bc my body is fighting an infection ALL the time. And this awesome doc said he can fix me! We talked about taking my tonsils out but then the doc said it was so painful that once we get my sinus's fixed it will probably fix the tonsils too... But all I could think about was. If it doesn't? I would have to go under again. So we talked again and we decided to take the tonsils out too. 
So yesterday morning he went in and fixed my deviated septum, shaved the bone spur, cleared out all infection and took my tonsils out and good thing he did bc he said they were so infected and inflamed! Yikes. So now I am pretty sure I am dying! I can't breath out of my nose so I have to breath out my mouth and that dries up all those nasty scabs! As much as this hurts and sucks, I had another sinus infection the week b4 the surgery, which just made me want it done even more! I am trying to keep my eye on the prize, no more sick and more energy! They say it will be a 3 week recovery time but there is no way that can happen. My mom is wrangling the boys, we will see how long she last. but she is def a life saver. The ward and friends are helping too.  Matt has bee awesome, between work and me and kids, he may not survive either ;)  and on top of everything... Q has an ear infection! Fingered crossed we all feel better soon!
Last picture of a smile for a little while i think.

All i could think about is "Crap what did we do?"

So. Much, Pain.