Wednesday, July 8, 2009

20 Week Apt.

We are half way done! We are so excited! Everything went well in the ultra sound. Our doc confirmed that he is a boy, which we are pretty relieved about. When we first started the ultra sound, she put the thing on my stomach and said " Wow your baby is so scrunched up" and he was, he looked so funny. The lady ended up pushing on my stomach so hard and shaking it so much, to get him to move, that I puked. Fun Fun. He moves around like crazy and Matt can feel it too, which is pretty cool. I just cant believe that we are on the down ward spiral now. 
I am doing my last fashion show tomorrow for a bridal company in SL. The owner really likes the way the dresses fit me (must be the bigger boobs) and when he told me, i just kinds laughed... 
Matt is SO busy! School, work, work, school. The cycle never ends. We are having to get used to not seeing each other as much bc our schedules never coincide.  He is so amazing! He is working so hard, I love you babe! 

Thats it for now!