Monday, February 16, 2009

What a life...

So all the crazyness started in November: We went to Texas for thanksgiving. Then 2 weeks later we were in San Diego for my wonderful sisters wedding. 2 weeks after that we had Christmas here in Utah with Matt's family. 2 weeks after that we went back to the great state of Texas for Chris's reception. Then 2 weeks after that, I went back to texas for market and Matt started another busy semester at school. Now 2 weeks later, I leave for market in the morning. Then in 2 more weeks I will be leaving for another market. Wow! Life just never slows down sometimes. The best thing is, the past 4 month crazyness has been great because it has been filled with family and friends!

Now we are all back and running with our computers, thanks to Matt! So a little while ago Matt dropped his computer on his foot and broke the LCD screen. Which would cost a lot to fix, cool. And then just the other day my hard drive crashed and we lost everything that was on it, cool. So Matt took both the computers in to get fixed. I have apple care on mine and we were just going to pay the money to fix his. Good thing Matt knows how to work it because by the time he was done talking to the lady, both of our computers were getting fixed for free! Way to go babe!

  This was Matt's idea, we went to KFC for Martin Luther King Jr. day. It was actually pretty tasty, I forget how great their biscuits are.

 This was right after the Dallas market. No one wanted to take his picture :) but i love these kids!

Kim- You are great! Thank you for doing market with me! You made a mind numbingly boring market, a whole lot more fun! I wish you were coming with me tomorrow, i will be the only model there, i just might die :)

Part of our Valentine's day was going to the Jazz/Lakers game. It was so so much fun. The Lakers may have lost but it was a really close game and those are always fun to watch. Even when you are on the very last row in the stadium, like we were. You can tell in the picture of Matt walking up the step just how high we were.  

Valentine's Day was amazing! Matt and I both had to work in the morning, but Matt made the evening so romantic and special. I came home to my favorite flowers and fondue. Babe I love you, you are the most amazing husband!

Bad news for Puckett... As you can tell, this little hellion gets into everything. Well we have an electric stove and she was so interested in what we were cooking, that when I turned to get some water in the pot, she ran across the stove and burned her paws. She is totally ok but she had a few little blisters on the pads of her front feet. Needless to say she does not come close to the stove anymore.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sorry guys we are broken! All our computers are at the shop, but we get them back soon!