Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Place!

Ok so this is the only picture of our place that we have so far. They are coming though soon! we are trying to get things kind of put together first. We were in the middle of moving and had no cups so we needed to improvise.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fair Fun!

So we went to the Utah State Fair! We had a wonderful time! We went with some of our friends Liz, Kent, Makell and Jed. We love them! Talk about junk food, corn dogs and funnel cakes, Yum! Tons of rides. By the third one I was so sick!
This ride was awesome! We fell straight down like 4 or 5 stories.
Ok so this is the ride that did me in! The Zipper, the bane of my existence! So the whole ride turns in a circle while it flips you around. I should not have gotten on this ride! Matt was laughing so hard! By the time that it was over, I was so sick and bolted off the ride. At least I made it to the bathroom before I started barfing!

So I didn't even make it off this ride before I started barfing again. Oh yes, right over the side! Poor Matt had to sit by me, and Liz was behind me saying, "You are not throwing up. You are not throwing up!" And I was, sick! Then we got off the ride and I continued to puke, right in front of everyone, in the grass. Cool. Matt is such a good husband and stayed right by me. He even held my hair back. Needless to say, I sat the rest of the rides out.
Jed, Makell, Kent, Liz, Matt, Sheri

Matt was so funny getting off this ride! He could not even walk straight, he was all dizzy.
This is Big Red, 3000 pounds!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yeah the nose strips were Matts idea.
Not only is Matt wearing one of my tank tops but he is drinking milk out of a measuring cup. I love him!
So while my sisters were in town we went to the creamery. Chris always goes there when she is in town, well they were out of all our favorite flavors. We were not happy.
I love my sisters.
So we went to the Breaking Dawn book opening, We had so much fun. We gave blood and we also got fake vampire teeth, nice.

So we all got the books. I am actually sporting Heathers book in the picture cause I had not read any of the twilight books yet. (But while I was in utah and Matt was still in Tucson I read them all...)
James and Maddison are the best! I cant wait to see them again.