Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big boy bed blues...

For some reason this is a hard transition for our little guy. Every night he gets all excited to get in big bed and say prayers and read stories and sing a song, then the min we get up to leave he flips out! Poor kid. We are even thinking of taking back this choice and going with the crib tent... I hate seeing this little guy all sad and stressed out. Maybe it is to much freedom for him, maybe he still needs the security of a crib.... All I know is my champion sleeper, takes one sometimes two naps a day, in bed by 630 sleeper, is gone. I want him back! Plus dex is totally feeling the sleep depravation too. (us included)

Ok ok it has only been 5 days but tonight was extra sad. And tonight I am feeling extra bad for him, can you tell?

But he sure is adorable in that great big bed!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I feel like there is something that I am always neglecting! I am hopefully not neglecting my boys (All 3) which is why I feel like I am neglecting everything else. It is either my house and the deep cleaning that it is in major need of. Or the dishes. Or the laundry, I am sure Matt is wondering when the garment fairy is going to come again. Or all the deep cleaning of anything that the boys touch. Or the packing up of all the stuff the boys are out growing ALREADY. Or the unpacking that still needs to be done. Or the cars, oh man the cars, with all the crayon on the windows, or the grocery shopping. Or this blog... Dang this list could go on and on and on...

But how could I neglect to inform everyone of Dexter's haircut! We did it for 2 reasons really: 1: It is hot and he sweats. 2: Quade loves to grab hair and Dex's blonde locks got it pretty bad.

Operation Grow out has already started.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

On the run.

I feel like that is our life lately! I was in southern California for work, then came home for a few days, then came back to southern California for a beautiful wedding and some family and friends time. And now I am headed to San Francisco for work again... Not to mention Matt's trips for work! I am so ready for things to slow down! I think Matt and the kids are too! But here comes the holiday hustle and bustle, but we are SO excited about that!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Since we have been here...

So since we have been here, this is a little of what has been going on...

The movers dropped half a bookcase on Quade and I, from the stairs.
You cant tell but that cut is about the size of a golf ball!
I blocked it with my legs and Quade got out unscathed. 
Enjoying baths with out shower doors! So nice to not have that dumb rail!

Enjoyed ice cream cone with NO help!

Uncle Brad came to visit! He helped Matt drive our other car back, Thanks Brad!!

We went and saw the bats. It was crazy! 1.5 million bats fly out from under this bridge downtown at dusk. One accidentally  hit the pole right next to us and fell on the ground but got right back up and flew off. 

Dex got his first Golf clubs. He loves them and so does Quade. They are both actually really really good at hitting the ball, Quade especially. 
We also went to Dallas got Labor Day weekend. So much fun! Dex and James were entertaining each other while the sisters and I were doing a little consignment shopping.

And one night in Dallas i sent Matt to get some of Dexter's energy out and they ended up at Sports Authority.... More fun for Matt or Dexter... Who knows.

We are trying a little potty training. Dex does great every time we try for a few hours, I am just not sure if i am ready to make the commitment... yikes that is a lot of work.

Just a little rest after the splash park.

So right by my parents house there is this really cool indoor pool and Dex loved it. We had a blast!
So these are the only 2 pictures we took on Labor day, I know we failed. But we had such a fun family BBQ. And it was actually kind of chilly out.

Quade and Grampa

So needless to say we are slowly but surely starting to love Texas.