Friday, February 25, 2011

In response...

So I guess that last post sounded a little sad, but I am so NOT sad! Life is so great these days. A little sleep deprived but what else in new :) I was just saying that I loved my parents being here and I love texas and my mind is always busy busy.

Today I had to laugh as I lined up both boys to get their poopy diapers changed. yuck. I love these guys. Dex is such a sweet boy. Whenever Quade cries he looks very concerned. Still no words on his part other then momma and dadda but he is starting to get syllables.

And one of the back seat seatbelts in broken, we thought we had it fixed but i took a turn the other day and Quade's carseat fell totally sideways. Don't worry he did not even wake up. So the boys sit really close back there. Middle and side seat. I have to make sure that Dex doesn't have any toys that can be thrown at Quade in attempts to "share." But the other day I looked back there and Dex was holding his hand! I love them!

Quade loves to cuddle and is such a great baby. He is giving us a 5 hour stretch at least once a night but it still seems too short... We love his blonde hair and we can't wait to see what those eyes turn out to be. He really has the sweetest cry. We couldn't ask for a better addition.

We blessed him last week and pictures to come!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just a few thoughts...

So we have been sick, really sick around here. Matt had this weird cough cold thing for like 3 weeks. (He probably would have been better, faster but he chose to play basketball in the middle of the worst part of his cold.) Then Dex got croop, that was cool. And now I have Matt's wonderful cold cough thing. But on the plus side, Quade is doing great.
My mom left on Thursday. I wish that she could have stayed. Well if I am wishing for something, I wish that we were in Texas. The adjustment from 1 kid, to 2 kids, has actually been no a big deal. I am more adjusting to being alone with the kids all day. I have had my mom to hang out with all day, it has been so nice having a live in best friend, who loves your kids just as much as you do, to be around all day. Needless to say I was very very sad to see her go! (And not just because she has been the glue around here lately.)
So here goes my ADD moment of the night. Here are just a few thoughts that has flown through my mind tonight:
I love 7pm. Matt and I veg out on the couch and watch tv. Sounds lame but is actually great.
Matt has been promising to take me dancing for EVER! It is now time to cash in.
Holy cow, we go through a ton of diapers.
Remember puckett? Well every time I see a humane society commercial, I feel guilty. (One just came on)
I want to start Wink (the lash business) again but do I have time between the boys and hanging out with matt? Not so much.
Cant wait to get the the next disk of breaking bad.
My sister Chris is finally coming home and I get to see her in 2 months!
Nursing has not been my favorite thing this time around. With Dex i enjoyed it, well for about 6 months. But i am already feeling done this time. (Dont worry I am going to stick with it.)
Matt is the best husband.
I have got to find a way to get on Ellen.
Why am I still hot ALL the time?

And that is why I take a sleeping pill at night or I would never wind down to sleep.

Oh one more thought... Matt- Tim McGraw is coming to CA in June...I Really want to go. Hint hint. Wink Wink.
Ok so on another side note... We love dexter's long blonde locks. But his bangs were getting a little long. Becca only if we lived in the same state! So I went to give them a trim. (Which I have done before, no big deal) Yeah, I got a little carried away. Soooo we had to cut off all his hair to make his way too short bangs, blend in. Matt was pretty upset.

Pictures to come.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eviction Notice!

Mmm he is so yummy!

This is our little man at 2 weeks. Quade is such a great baby, but he is getting evicted from our bedroom. He is way too loud of a sleeper! We have never had babes in our room and we tried it... and now he is getting the boot. But we love you Quade.

Yes, he looks so innocent but he has pooped on Matt twice and somehow it has gotten all over the carpet twice, forcing us to get our carpets cleaned! Cool. But do you guys remember dex's door blow out? yeah that still cant be beat.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Major LOVE!

We have some major love for our new little guy!

This is the first thing Dexter does when he sees Quade.

Grandma is the favorite! I would say that Dex is giving her a run for her money! We can not thank my mom enough for all that she has been doing around here. Plus Thank you dad for sharing your wife for all this time!

I just have to say, those baby blue eyes that my little man has, just melt my heart!