Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Come on Matt..

Please dont be blinded by my white thigh...
Maybe my leg would not look like this if my husband would stop giving me dead legs!
We are a wrestley couple. We love it. Dex loves it. And I am sure Quade will too.
Too bad I bruise like a peach.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh boy oh boy!

We have been busy busy, that is for sure! First off, look at this picture! Are you kidding me? Everyone was all nice and quiet in the back seat. When does that ever happen? Oh right, when they are being the best brothers ever and holding hands! Melt my heart.

So lets talk about Quade! This kid is amazing! We just had his 4 month check up, yesterday. Quade's Stats: Height: 28 inches, Weight 16.10 lbs.
So basically he is a giant. He is an inch and a half taller then Dex was at this age and a pound and a half skinnier. The doc. had lots of good news for us, his neck is doing great! He still favores one side, just a little but he is doing great and his head shape is great as well. (I was totally worried he would need a helmet, hello, he has to be able to buzz his head if he wants.)
So that means we dont have to go to physical therapy which is a huge stress relief for me!
The doc also said that Quade is the size of a 6 month old so if we want to start on rice cereal and get solids going, we can. What my baby is ready to start rice cereal? No way!
Quade is such a charmer! He smiles at anything and he laughs at everything! He coos and aws all day long. I cant believe what a laid back child he is. He has forsure out grown his bassinet but since dex is cutting all 4 K9s right now, I am not feeling the need to get them both in the same room. So Quade is on a pallet, on the floor in the living room. Nice. Quade is not the best at putting himself to sleep but other then that he is sleeping like a champ!
We love him, he is such a joy to be around!

Quade is lovin his toes lately!

And a pro at tummy time.

I could kiss those cheeks all day long. (Look at Dex in the back ground :)

What an adorable little monster!

Oh man, the life of Dexter is grand, let me tell you! Well minus today, this little guy went to bed at 5:30 today, all 4 of his k9s are coming in, poor kid, but 2 have finally poked through so 2 more to go. Other then that we spend most of our days at the pool, Dex is a swim lessons pro. OR we are partying at the park. He is so fun to watch, I cant get enough of this kid. He walks around mumbling all day long and he likes to read books out loud.
So here is a list of the latest tricks:
Roaring like a lion
Bzzzing like a bee
Pretending he is a truck
Ssssing like a snake
Words he can say:
Whoa (his all time fav word)
Moe (More)
Pees (Please)
De ter (Dexter)
Bye Bye
Uh oh
Ta da
Hot (in a whispering voice)
And when Quade is asleep he says very loudly "SSSHHH"
Dex is such a lover and I feel like he is so smart, he picks up on everything!

Likes the slide and has NO fear, that is forsure!

Some of Dex's best buds, teaching him how to play cars, he had more fun throwing it over the edge but he will get in one day soon.

This kid cracks me up! When ever he gets excited he makes this face says "Whoa" and waves his hands in the air. I love how animated he is. This particular moment was when a bird few by, Dex loves Birds!
This was a sad day, he took a tumble and landed face first. Dont worry, he barely cried, he was more worried about getting the ball.

That is right, Bring on the potty! He loves it and we have had a few successful moments, I am not sure if it is the candy he gets for his efforts or the books but it is always fun.

Such is our lives!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


It was our 3 year anniversary on May 2.
Happy 3 Years!
And how unbelievably AWESOME, they have been!

Matt- You rock my world! I love you so much!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Aunt Chris!

Chris and Jonathan are back! After and long stay over seas they are finally back and they are back with a plus 1! Chris was able to come to California and stay with us for a few days. Those 2 days were also a time when Matt was out of town, so she helped out alot!
One time when I handed her Quade to hold, she said "Uh, is he dirty?" Oh how I love you Chris and cant wait for your baby to spit up all over you!
Chris finally got to meet the boys!
I cant wait to meet this little girl, she is going to have the best mom ever. And I cant wait to spend more time with Chris and Jonathan in July!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Quade...

3 months! Wow, we love this kid! He is so sweet and such a cuddler! Quade rolled over twice yesterday, what already?! But has not done it since, so maybe it was just a fluke... His smile melts my heart and I cant believe we have two of the greatest boys ever!

This has been the favorite thing to do. He just cant get enough of those hands and fingers in his mouth!

Quade even does a great job tolerating Dexter's tough love. When I asked Dexter to help me give Quade a bath, he got so excited and then continued to push me out of the way so that he could poor the water over Quade, too cute!


Happy Easter! This was such a fun year because Dex actually knew what was going on. He had a blast looking for eggs, well actually once he found out there was candy inside he was done, all he wanted to do was eat it. Dex got some new cars, first Pez, and a Curious George. So much fun!
First Pez, he couldnt get enough!

Oh boy do we love Curious George around here!! When it is time to watch tv, dex will keep bringing you the remote untill you change it to George, he cant get enough of that curious little monkey. Needless to say he loves his new stuffed animal.