Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Christmas photo dump! 
Christmas was so much fun this year! The boys hit the jackpot! It was so fun to be able to teach what christmas is ALL about and have Dexter start to understand! It was absolutely magical. Quade was just along for the ride but they both had a blast this holiday!! 

The Christmas story. On Christmas Eve.



Baby Jesus and Wise man

Joseph and Wise man

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus

The opening of the Christmas ornaments.

Santa, hard at work.
Christmas morning! First site coming down the stairs.  The boys were so fun to watch!

This was a gag from Kim and Ryan, the gift card was in the pocket :)

Del and Susan came to visit. Dex made a friend.

Uncle ryan was the best Christmas present! He came with lots of fun!

Quade was so funny. He was so obsessed with the tree! When ever anyone would pick him up EVERY time, he would point and wiggle and say Ttt, till you took him over to the tree. 

And he had some grumpy moments.
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We also went to Northpark Mall for their train exhibit. It was awesome. Dexter and Quade were all about it! And of course James especially, and Maddison were in heaven.

Don't know where Dex's cheesy face came from. 

It was a pretty long day for Quade and he was a little tired.

And bring on the Kids Bop Dance on the WII. It was actually a lot of fun!

Christmas was all fun and games till it was time for cow to be washed. then it all came to a halt.

Happy new years! Bring on 2012!
Dex was ready for bed but couldnt get upstairs.

plus we had a slide from grandma and grandpa waiting for us when we got home!

Best Christmas yet!