Thursday, May 27, 2010

Picture update!

I will take one please. Red, Tan interior with matching luggage.

I am the keeper of the keys, i feel kind of powerful :)

Montana Fun! We went up for the weekend to visit everyone and had so much fun!

Ryans Fav restaurant, Johnny Corrinos

Everyone, plus Lynne who is sleeping.

Ginna was the highlight for dex, all he wanted to do it touch that huge dog!


I Heart texas girls!

So long Puckett, we will truly miss you! We really did love you, as beastly as you were. Maybe if you had not peed on out carpet, you would still be in our lives. We are sorry that you apparently hate it when we go out of town... I hope some old lady adopts you!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life will never be the same!

Life will never be the same now that dexter has figured out how GREAT it is to get around on his own! He is ALWAYS on the go! When ever we leave him in a room for a minute, he ends up someplace completely different!
Plus he is sitting up, not to solidly yet. My parents got him a leap frog activity table that starts out on the ground while they sit and then turns into a table to stand by, he loves it and will sit and play, then topple over. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa. He is so cute!
As far as solid go so far, dex likes everything, even nasty peas! but he loves carrots.

Man. people dont lie when they say they grow up so fast!

So big!
So every toy he has was on the floor, we were using them as road blocks, dont worry he just rolled over them to get all the way over there!

And let the bumps and bruises start, he hit his head on the coach and was not so happy!

He was in the middle of waving his hands, he loves this thing.

Plus we love to swing.