Saturday, September 7, 2013


Ok so I am blaming my lack of blog posts on the fact that I can not find my computer. It is totally missing! I have no idea where it has gone but I have turned the house upside down and still no computer... So a quick update from my phone. 

Baby number 3 is coming. We are so excited! I am 20 weeks along and let me tell you it has been a doozy of 20 weeks! Really the first 18 were pretty crazy and the last 2 weeks I have finally started to feel like I am not dizzy and going to puke all the time. Thank goodness! 

We had our 20 week ultra sound on Friday and were so excited to see a healthy baby! I have been so paranoid lately. I guess that is just he mother in me. I keep thinking "Well we have 2 healthy kids, what are the chances we will have another." So we are feeling very blessed. And of course I am still paranoid but I know whatever is meant to be will be :) We brought the boys and Grandma Vandiver to the ultra sound. It was only a party for the first few min. Then Grandma took the boys to run the halls while we went through all the anatomy. It was fun for my mom to be there but even more exciting to see the boys reaction! The lady doing the ultra sound kept asking the boys if they thought it was a boy or a girl and Quade kept insisting that is was a baby. Thank goodness :) When the baby came up on the screen Dex goes "I love it already." I about died. I love those boys. 

We decided a while ago that we were not going to find out the gender. But we actually follow through with it! We were just so excited to see the little babe wiggle around that it was actually really easy to not even worry about it. We are just excited for a new addition to the family and the surprise it going to be awesome! It is crazy, I don't feel as far along bc we do t know the gender but we are half way done! 

The boys started school on Thursday. Dex's is awesome and I know he is going to have an awesome year! They do all kinds of fun curriculum and they have a little farm. He could not be more excited!! I love that he loves school and learning! 

Quade is doing a co op with 3 other kids in our stake. Oh man, he could not be more excited to go to pre school like Dexie. He had so much fun his first day. It  will take a little getting used to for him, the whole listening to a teacher thing, but he is stoked. I am a little nervous for when it is my week. Not sure if a co op is really my thing but I think it will be really fun! We will see. 

So that means I have 2 hours all to myself! I don't even know what to do!!! It is so weird to think about what I want to need to do! It will be great for the next 4 months... 

Matt is really loving his job! I am so glad it is something that he enjoys and is good at. He is so amazing! I can't believe how awesome he is! Matt has been like wonder dad these days, he basically rocks! What would I do without him?! 

Where the heck is my computer? 


Hanson Family said...

Your kids are so cute! How fun to have a couple of hours for yourself!

Evaly said...

It's fun to hear what's up with you guys! Glad you are doing well. That's adorable that Dex said he loves the baby already- what a sweetie! ♥

shari berry bo-berry said...

I've been totally neglecting blogs... but happy to see that you posted! I feel connect thru instagram, but it was fun to read more details :) I can't believe you guys didn't give in and find out! brad could never do it. I am hoping to convince him to let it be a surprise next time! (no, this is NOT an announcement!) miss you guys! glad you're feeling better!