Thursday, May 16, 2013

Little did you know...

So it has been kind of a crazy day today... Dexter had literally talked my eat off all day. Mom where did you get that? Target? Where in target? The toy section. What isle did you get that mom? And as cute as it is, he was asking me question like that all day. And quade has been a little needy today so he has been none me all day, in my lap, in my arms, attached to my leg and if I ever leave his sign. Momma? Where momma go?

 I feel like the word mom or some variation of it, had been used like a million times today. I actually love how much dex talks and love that quade is such a mamma's boy but today I was a little excited for Matt to come home and share the energy! 

In protest of our crazy day, I decided that there was no way that I was cooking dinner! So we went to Torchys. So yummy. We decided to sit outside bc it was so nice out.The boys were going a little nuts and were walking all around and jumping off this little 3ft wall. Matt and i were taking turns running after them. Quade had spilled his drink twice before the food even got there. As crazy as it sounds it was pretty chill. 

We got our food and we were all eating, the boys had to take one bite in between each jump (parent fail but they were eating)  And all the sudden this older guy came and sat at our table... Matt was up chasing the boys, so it was just me and he goes, "I just wanted to tell you how amazing your family is. Your husband is so loving and engaged with your kids and you guys seem to be so loving with each other. I love how you are so loving to your children. You just have the sweetest family. And even when your son spilled his drink twice, you just laughed. You guys are doing great." I blushed and said thank you and he walked away. 

All I could think about was: yep, I love Matt and he is an amazing dad! And this looks amazing? These boys are all over the place... And I wish I was laughing when quade spilled his drink bc I was thinking sweet things about our free spirited child but I was really laughing because it had been such a crazy day and of course he spilled his drink... Again. 

Then I thought, wow that was really nice. I should give more compliments to people. Heck I should learn how to take a compliment. And maybe at the end of this CRAZY day, our little family did something right. It is most definitely a group effort! 

But really this family and ALL it's crazy is pretty awesome! 


shari berry bo-berry said...

that was the BEST story!!! xoxo

Hanson Family said...

That's awesome! Love the family picture!

Evaly said...

Those little compliments are what keep you going sometimes! That's awesome!