Wednesday, May 8, 2013

These boys...

Oh man is this update way over due... Story of my life... But here we go! 

Dexie... That is what he is called for the most part... Even by his class mates and teachers at school. He loves it. We love it. Sadly I know he will not want to be called this forever and I love that everyone calls him that. 

Dexter is such a stud and so so smart. It is amazing to see his little mind work and out things together! I love it.

We have been working a lot on his speech lately. His vocabulary is awesome but is enunciation needed work. We thought about getting his speech evaluated, and we still might... But he has improved so much since we started working on things. The Pediatrition has assured us lots of times that he is not behind in any way... So we are proud of his progress. 

The last few days dex has totally cracked me up. He has figured out the word "probably" and everything is, probably. 
"Dex, you need to go potty b4 we leave?" "Probably I do mom" 
"Dex you ok back there?" "Probably sure mom" 
"Dex you want a snack?" "Probably no." 
"Hey dex can you help me clean up?" "Probably"
It's so dang cute, I can't bring myself to correct him. He does use is correctly a lot and it is so funny to see him think about something and respond with, probably. 

I love that when he get tired or sleepy at all he looks at me and says "Mom, I love you so much" oh melt my heart. I get it at least once a day, out of the blue, in the car or while we are playing. He lets out a long sigh and rubs his eyes.... I love you so much. 

Whenever he has idea, he blurts it out and says "that's a good idea mom." Sometimes a statement and sometimes a question. 

He is such a good listener and he is great at following instructions... (For the most part) And he always asks for permission to do things. He is the best. 

Quade is getting huge! He and Dex are basically the same size. I can't believe it! 

He is the sweetest child and I can not believe how much be picks up! He watches everything and is so smart. 

Quade has always beer such a mammas boy. I am his and he is mine! He has always called me mamma and recently he is calling me mom. It breaks my heart just a little but bc that just means he is growing up. He still calls me mamma and mommy but the mom kills me. 

He says oh-tay and we can't bring ourselves to correct it. Quade got it from Dex, and they are just so cute when they say it. Quade uses it is lots of diff ways... 
"Mommy I got out side, oh-tay" but he isn't asking, he is declaring. This is the way he uses it the most declairing, pr trying to get you to agree and it is so funny. He says it like this when he is doing something he is not supposed to and when he says it he enunciates the second syllable depending on how passionate he feels about the subject. And he says it so loudly!  So funny. 

He talks ALL the time. The other day I was asking him is he was ready for nap time and he goes "nap time, no not again" ha ha I was laughing so hard. 

He is a lot more aggressive w words then his brother. We get: give me that back: no, not share and: do it myself, from this little passionate boy. Actually I get, do it myself, all day every day. 

He is dying to be potty trained. I am so not ready yet. It's so much work! Vegas Thomas undies just waiting in his drawer, for me to get the nerve. 

He generally runs on a diff level then most kids... He is up, down, all around, and jumping off the side of the couch in a matter of 5 second. He def keeps us busy. 

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