Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My heart stopped.

Ok so last week we all headed to Buy Buy Baby to check out a new car seat for Quade. We were all checking out the new Britax and I turned around and quade was gone! Those of you who know him, know this happens sometimes but I say his name and he says "right here" he usually just wonders around the corner... Well he wasn't there and wasn't responding, so of course my heart stops. I mean he had been missing for .2 seconds and I totally got spooked bc he is usually, right there. Matt and I did a quick scan, nothing. I knew he was there but I feel like its the mom in me that goes "but what if he is not" I think I have watched way to many law and order svus or something. So Matt kept looking and I ran to the front to tell someone. 

They totally had a protocol: got on the speaker announced a code, blocked the entrances and exits (extra freak is out), announced a description, and then made me stand there at the front while all the staff looked. Ok so now I was freaking out a little more bc then my mind went to every tv show where someone was kidnapped. And it had maybe been 3 min since he was gone. So after like 30 seconds, and everyone in the stores attention, they announced that they had found him. Quade came walking out, smiling and pushing a cart of baby dolls. Oh my gosh!everyone just laughed and went back to their business. I knew he was there, he just has never been out of my sight for that long in public. A couple moms came up to me and were all "don't worry I loose mine all the time" 

Longest 5 min of my life. And then I thought of all the times I let them out of my sight for like 5 seconds. Doesn't seem like very long, but it is long enough... 

Oh man these boys keep us on our toes, especially our little quade! (Who isn't so little anymore!) 


Makell Wintle said...

So scary!! I can totally relate because when I was 11 I was playing hide and seek with my 3 yr old sister in a store in the mall. She was hiding under the clothes until she decided she could find a much better hiding place outside of the store! They did the same protocol with the whole mall and I was bawling and freaking out until they found her. It's the worst!

Evaly said...

Meg gets lost ALL THE TIME. It is terrifying! So glad you found your cute little guy.